Docusign Salesforce Integration Guide: benefits and impact

5 benefits of integrating Docusign with Salesforce

Do you want to integrate Docusign eSignature and Salesforce? Many companies trust Salesforce to be their solution of choice when it comes to Customer Relationship Management to maintain and improve the experience they are delivering to their customers. It’s the world's number one CRM. You can integrate and connect processes needed to provide better CRM with the help of Salesforce and the Docusign Agreement Cloud. By integrating Docusign with your Salesforce CRM, organisations are able to reduce human error, provide better experiences, maximise efficiencies and reduce costs. Read on to discover the benefits of Salesforce integration in your contract management process. 

Improved employee experience with Docusign and Salesforce Integration

It’s never been easier to download Docusign Agreement Cloud products such as CLM (contract lifecycle management) for Salesforce, Gen for Salesforce, Negotiate for Salesforce and Docusign eSignature via the Salesforce AppExchange. Once downloaded, these products can be effortlessly integrated with Salesforce with minimal setup required. They can be downloaded with Salesforce via the Salesforce AppExchange. Users with a license to any Docusign Agreement Cloud products can use these solutions directly within their company's CRM platform, providing a seamless user experience.

 The functionality of both platforms can be enhanced through integration—for example, the Docusign Agreement Cloud folder structures associated with an account or opportunity can be made available on the account record giving a 360 view of all interactions and documents related to the customer. Salesforce allows businesses to empower users with integrated Docusign functionality.  Let us say, for example, a Sales Manager wants to initiate the generation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Master Service Agreement between an account and your organisation, with all relevant data being automatically populated from the record. With the Docusign Agreement Cloud, they can do this with a single click. The integration of Salesforce and Docusign makes tasks easier and faster, and it’s easier to close deals faster - a benefit to everyone involved.

Docusign and Salesforce - Reduction in end-to-end process time

Using the Docusign Agreement Cloud to generate documents directly from Salesforce records can massively reduce the time taken to complete a task. The system can pre-populate data or content based on criteria, reducing a lot of manual effort, saving time and reducing the margin for errors. 

Docusign automation processes are called workflows. Workflows can be used to send a document to a relevant internal or external party for approval, redlining or signature. Having a document automatically flow through a business process, sent from one relevant approver to the next, reduces bottlenecks and admin backlogs. The system can also generate reminders for delayed actions, speeding up the process of having to send out manual reminders. The ability to automatically apply metadata to documents gives valuable insight to users through reports. Users can check the progress of particular documents and identify trends or process pain points. Users also benefit from accessing this from Salesforce, the system they are already using.

Improved customer experience with Salesforce and Docusign

Time is valuable to all of us, and when you are the recipient of a document, it makes life easier if all the relevant information is pre-populated and accurate. The whole experience is more positive if the business appears to have complete visibility and understanding of their customer. Combining Salesforce and the Docusign Agreement Cloud gives companies the visibility to provide better experiences - with a single, 360 view of an account and all associated documents.

Ability to write data back to Salesforce

Simple workflows allow you to update Salesforce data as you see fit, whether you are updating the stage of an opportunity based on a document being approved or marking a checkbox on an account as true to demonstrate that an active Master Service Agreement now exists between the two companies. More complex workflows utilising Docusign eSignature capabilities can capture raw data and push it through to populate fields, such as updating marketing preferences and details on the contact of an individual when they sign the contract. Discover how to integrate Docusign for Salesforce

Standardised business processes

Using the Docusign Agreement Cloud to generate documents within Salesforce helps to ensure that standardised agreed documents are being used and sent out across the business, reducing the risk of using outdated locally stored versions. Combining structured Docusign workflows with powerful Salesforce features such as validations, approvals or sales processes provides a great method of standardising business processes.

You may have heard the saying, “Garbage in, garbage out”. The traditional mentality is that flawed data delivers a flawed or inadequate output. Direct integration with your CRM pulls data accurately through into the document you are trying to generate, reducing human error and all associated knock-on effects and costs, such as time to correct or re-work a contract. 

When using your Salesforce data as the ‘source of truth’, it is important to ensure accurate data is held within your Salesforce instance if this data is incorrect, then it is likely that your contract will be too. Upon document generation, if data being pulled through from your Salesforce platform needs to be amended then this should be done at source in order to improve the accuracy of your company's data.

In conclusion, enabling your users with two tools from a single interface following a standardised process, can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete lengthy but important business processes and contracts, whilst making this the best experience it can be for all involved. Following best practices to deliver sound configuration of the Salesforce and the Docusign platforms can help achieve this. Discover more about the Docusign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce.

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