Making an environmental impact with Docusign for Forests

Docusign for forests

At Docusign, we believe that we all need to come together to promote a healthier planet. Sustainability is a part of our culture and employees have volunteered thousands of hours to promote a healthier environment.

Docusign for Forests™ is our commitment to helping protect and preserve the world’s forests. They serve as the Earth’s lungs, cleaning the air and providing us with the oxygen we need to breathe. And given that we are an inherently forest-friendly, we have a unique role to play.

As part of our Docusign for Forests initiative, members of the Docusign London team held their first Green Day in August 2019. Since launch day, several members of the team have volunteered to organise and attend Green Day events.

Here we take a look back at the activities from London and Dublin.

London Green Week

In September, we hosted our first London Green Week. Here's some of the highlights:

  • A visit from Chris Redston, Executive Director for Rainforest Trust UK. The London team helped to protect 15,137 acres, or 23.6 square miles of the Amazon Rainforest, by making a donation through donations matched by Rainforest Trust UK. That's half of San Francisco!
  • 13 Docusign employees joined the Marine Conservation Society and our CLM partners 4C to take part in the Great British Beach Clean, cleaning up plastic and litter from a 100 metre stretch of beach at Clacton-on-Sea.
Docusign employees on beach during beach clean

  • Several members of the London team joined charity Trees for Cities to care for a new orchard in west London. Trees for Cities builds resilience against threats facing the natural environment by planting thousands of urban trees worldwide each year. The London team volunteered to weed, mulch and protect 20 trees in a park next to a hospital that provides a vital retreat for several patients, their families, and hospital workers.

Ryan Winpenny, Senior Customer Success Architect at Docusign, also volunteers as a Member of the Docusign Sustainability Steering Committee. He says,

“I love my work. I feel so reinvigorated by it. One of the reasons I joined Docusign is, it’s rewarding to know that we are doing our bit to help in the fight against the climate crisis. Having the support of the organisation and the team to help in the fight against climate change is great.”

Watch this footage from our volunteering day with Trees for Cities, which we premiered during our closing keynote at our annual technology conference, Momentum London.


Dublin Green team activities

The Docusign team in Dublin have also been getting on board with Green Day initiatives. The team took part in a beach clean-up and a canal clean up with Clean Coasts. They also hosted a vintage clothes swapping and buying event, and all the proceeds were given to a local homeless charity.


Anna Przyblo volunteers as a member of the Green team in Dublin. She says,

“I try to get as many people as possible involved in events, and there are a lot of people here who are very passionate about the environment. My thinking is to make it part of everyday life to encourage people to be more sustainable. It’s all about everybody doing their little bit on the green team. I think if people learn something, they truly connect with the message and they understand the importance of being more sustainable at work. Then, they bring it home, too.”

Docusign for Forests

Docusign is committed to helping protect and preserve the world’s forests and the environment. Through the Docusign IMPACT initiative, our employees have volunteered thousands of hours at organisations promoting healthier forests, including urban forests in the communities where we work and live.

Find out more about Docusign for Forests.