Digital Day: webinar series - keep business moving and customers happy

This Digital Day we'll be joined by speakers from InfoTrack, The Partnership, Fieldfisher, AG Barr and Docusign partners DSI Global.  Hear from our speakers and to find out how you can keep business moving efficiently and your customers happy. Register for any of the free sessions below and share with any colleagues that may find them useful:

Making Conveyancing History: The Partnership On Submitting The 1st Electronic HMLR Deed

In a world where buying a house is still a cumbersome process, the HMLR's announcement to accept the use of witnessed electronic signatures has been greatly welcomed. 

In this webinar, you will hear from The Partnership who, through using technology from Docusign and Infotrack, have made conveyancing history by making the first electronic HMLR submission.

In just 45-minutes, you can learn how you too can reduce the time and effort of collecting signatures, whilst meeting the HMLRs latest guidelines.

Special guests include Peter Ambrose, Managing Director at The Partnership and Scott Bozinis, CEO at InfoTrack

Watch the webinar on-demand now. 

Streamline Account Opening & Onboarding In Financial Services

Onboarding a new customer in banking can involve days of information gathering, completing the application, verifying identity, printing or emailing, and waiting for the customer to sign and return the documents. Every passing day raises the risk of the customer becoming frustrated and finding a faster competitor. Digitising this customer onboarding process can help drive competitive advantage in banking.

In this 45-minute webinar:  

  • Find out how you can create a more competitive customer onboarding experience
  • Hear why digital banking is here to stay
  • See how you can create an end to end digital experience
  • Ask the experts your questions in a live Q&A

Watch the webinar on-demand now. 

Reduce Admin & Streamline Your Full Contract Lifecycle

Do you find yourself completing timely, monotonous administrative tasks on a daily basis?

While eSignature has changed the way that many organisations execute a contract, the lifecycle before and after signature is often managed through manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails—slowing the pace of doing business, increasing risk, and frustrating customers and employees.

Named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 CLM Magic Quadrant report, Docusign's CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) allow teams to speed up business, free up time and streamline the agreement lifecycle by transforming analog manual processes into a digital automated workflow.

In this 45-minute webinar:

  • Find out how you can accelerate your pace of doing business
  • Understand how you can increase compliance
  • Create a more efficient workforce and happier customers
  • See a live demo of CLM in action
  • Ask the experts your questions in a live Q&A

Watch the webinar on-demand now. 

Automate & Reduce Risk In Your Supply Chain

Do you find your supply chain is long, disconnected and open to risk?

From the back office right to the frontline, employees are working in disconnected environments. Providing a full end-to-end contract lifecycle management, Docusign CLM can integrate and connect with the systems you're already using, and partnered with DSI’s Cloud Inventory® together they provide a flexible, agile, and mobile front-end solution for the data capture required to maximise your capabilities.

Join us in this 45-minute webinar to hear from Docusign's Partner Account Manager, Sean FitzgeraldDSI® representatives Jim Hoskins, VP of Industry Solutions, and Vicki Holmes, Senior Director of Alliances, who will demonstrate how the partnership between Docusign and DSI can provide:

  • Accelerated and contactless technologies to improve supply chain efficiency
  • Technology that keeps employees safe
  • Compliance that protects your bottom line
  • Delivers actionable intelligence to ensure end-to-end inventory control and visibility

Special guest speaker:

John Thompson, Business Process Lead Supply Chain from AG Barr, will explain how the soft drink manufacturer known for its IRN-BRU, Rubicon and Tizer products utilises Docusign and DSI Cloud Inventory to provide real-time inventory visibility to create a connected environment.

Watch the webinar on-demand now. 

The End Of Privacy Shield - What's Next For Agreements?

The July 16 Schrems II decision left over 5,000 companies with agreements representing over $7 trillion in transactions without a clear EU/US data sharing framework — and with no grace period. Further, as companies on both sides of the Atlantic assess their options, even standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules are now subject to enhanced scrutiny.

Join legal, AI, and data privacy experts from Fieldfisher and Docusign for an analysis of the practical impact of Schrems II and insights into how companies are preparing for EU/US commerce in a post-Privacy Shield world.

Joined by Fieldfisher, in this 45-minute webinar:

  • Find out options and models for transatlantic data transfer in a clear, comprehensible way
  • Recognise how to quickly identify data privacy risk areas across your entire contract portfolio A
  • Automatically analyse new agreements for data privacy risk with purpose-built AI
  • Efficiently update existing agreements to adhere to evolving standards

Watch the webinar on-demand now. 

Daisy O'Malley Glynn
Marketing Communications Specialist