Contract management for HR

When so much pressure is placed upon the supply chain, the creation of business partnerships, and the value extracted from these; the importance of contract management for HR service delivery often gets overlooked.

However, in a chaotic job market, the retention of key skills and assets is critical, and there’s no better way to signal your intentions than to have a comprehensive, streamlined, and digitally-driven contract management process for human resources.

Why is contract management important for HR service delivery?

Contract management in an HR setting involves the creation, delivery and ongoing maintenance of staffing services including recruitment, training, development and compensation. Think of it as a scene-setter for how you want to be perceived by existing and prospective employees.

Common challenges that arise through employment contracts include non-compete clauses and the fragility of an individual’s status at your company, breaching of non-disclosure agreements, conflicts between employers and employees, and also competition between said employees regarding remuneration or clauses.

Nipping potential issues in the bud during the initial contract phase safeguards against ambiguity later on.

Benefits of HR contract management software

In recent years, HR contract management software has become pivotal in keeping track of employees’ movements, requirements, obligations and entitlements to this end.

Some of the benefits of adopting a quality HR contract management software system, include:

  1. The ability to integrate with existing systems: Seamlessness is the end goal, and this starts at the implementation phase.
  2. Saving time, effort and resources: It’s only once you transfer HR contract management from a manual effort to a digital one that you realise how much time is lost through admin, conflict resolution and even locating important documents.
  3. Creating a digital audit trail: When information is at the click of a button, it’s also simpler to monitor the performance and influence of a department.
  4. Reducing manual processes: Contract management software releases HR personnel to be more personal in their day-to-day work – potentially dealing with staff more speedily and caringly to prevent grievances or issues arising in the first place.
  5. Reducing paper use: Eco-friendliness is now a business differentiator in its own right and all departments are expected to buy into the culture. Paperless contracts are a clear and obvious way for HR to play their part.
The Docusign Agreement Cloud offers a number of benefits that makes it an ideal asset for anyone involved with HR contract management:
  • Easy integration - the Docusign Agreement Cloud can integrate into the vast majority of existing systems, which helps to streamline your pile of new hire paperwork and improve your daily workflow.
  • Protect sensitive data - managing your contracts digitally with Docusign now only makes them more secure, but ensures that sensitive employee information is protected.
  • Easy communications - we make it easy to distribute key information such as policies among all employees so that even the lowest-rung member of staff feels included in group-wide developments.
  • Digital transparency - managing your HR-related contracts digitally ensures clear and concise end-to-end visibility, a subsequent audit trail, and a reduction in ambiguity should issues arise.

The irony is that while contract management in HR has been traditionally overlooked, by taking a little bit of initial time to embed a quality software system, the process can be less taxing than ever before.

By ditching manual and developing digital capacities, you can send a sign to existing employers, prospective hires, business partners, clients and competitors around you that you’re an employer of choice – an evergreen differentiator for any era.

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