Benefits of using contract negotiation software to negotiate work contracts

Today, more than ever, simplifying an organisation’s contract process is vital. Businesses require a digital solution that can execute contract negotiation tasks like managing reviews, quickly and with accuracy. They should also be able to redline a document with comments, approvals and more. Both factors save employees time to work on less menial tasks and focus on what really matters; the growth of the business.

45% of organisations surveyed in the Forrester State of Systems of Agreement report 2019 said their inefficient, manual agreement processes yield poor customer experiences. Manual processes can also cause extra work, unnecessary costs and compliance risks.

Here are the benefits of going paperless and using contract negotiation software to negotiate work contracts.

Negotiate contracts quicker

If your business prepares and negotiates contracts manually, negotiations probably take longer than they should. Manual creation of agreements increases the time spent on contract process and administration, where teams spend time sending and chasing contracts for approval.

57% of respondents surveyed in the Forrester State of Systems Agreement 2019 research said that they have a lack of visibility into the status of agreements while they’re being signed.

This creates negative experiences for prospects, customers and employees, and they’re also rarely paperless.

There are several reasons why digitising processes and going paperless can save small businesses money.

Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce which integrates with Docusign eSignature, is designed to help small and medium-sized companies accelerate how you create and negotiate agreements, by automating the generation, negotiation, and approval of agreements.

Redline a document with more efficiency

Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce enables small businesses to do business faster by redlining contracts. The redlining tool removes the need to rely on everyone in the contract process to use the ‘Track Changes’ option in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. With Negotiate, document owners can automatically detect any changes that take place using the redlining tool.

This feature reduces the risk of missing significant changes and can also speed up the process when amending the document during the negotiation phase. It can save your business time spent amending contracts.

Create a seamless approval experience

Using Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce creates a seamless approval experience. The tool lets you decide who can reject, edit or approve an agreement within the contract workflow. You can also nudge approvers to execute their task using notifications in the tool.

As a document owner, you can check the status of the workflow and the document’s activity history is tracked too. So, it’s easy to see if an approver has viewed, but not yet approved, a document. The audit trail makes it simple to find out who did what and when. It also makes the whole contract lifecycle easy to track for compliance purposes.

As Docusign Negotiate integrates directly with Salesforce, everything can happen directly in one place, so there’s no need to enter data into other systems manually. With Negotiate, sales teams can automatically generate contract agreements from the customer, product, and pricing data in Salesforce. Your teams won’t have to switch between multiple platforms as everything can happen in one place.

Whether it’s an NDA, quote, proposal, or invoice you need, you’re good to go.

Integrate contract negotiation software with your electronic signature platform 

For many small businesses moving towards digitisation, automating manual processes can be a daunting task, albeit a necessary one in today’s climate. The complexity of many traditional contract management tools has prevented many SMB’s from leaping to automation.

Docusign Negotiate has been designed to meet the needs of SMB’s and is simple to set up and manage. It doesn’t require a huge project or a large IT team to implement.

It also includes pre-integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Docusign eSignature, so you can use them together to generate agreements and automate the contract process.

Why Docusign Negotiate?

Using Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce can help your team eliminate the risk of mistakes during the contract negotiation process. It makes it easier to locate contracts and understand exactly who made amends to the agreement and when. There’ll no longer be any need for your team to spend time finding the correct version of a contract. And you won't need to manually create new deals or rekey data from one platform to another.

Digitisation can make life easier and allow employees to spend more time on core business, ultimately driving better financial results. Automation allows your team to focus on growing your business instead of spending unnecessary time on administrative tasks.

Learn more about Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce in our free eBook, Top tools to use with Salesforce.