The Adecco Group Accelerates the Agreement Process within Workplace Solutions

At Docusign, we love hearing how our customers are modernising their Systems of Agreement, especially when it involves transforming decade old processes, to keep up with the demand of the modern customer.

We were thus delighted to connect with Carlos Estrada and learn how The Adecco Group is transforming the world of work through talent and technology. Carlos, the Head of Legal, Compliance & Special Projects, APAC at The Adecco Group, shares the journey this leading workplace solutions provider has been on to modernise and accelerate the way it does business.

Can you tell us about The Adecco Group and why now is the time to digitise the way you come to agreements?

The Adecco Group connects millions of people each year with career opportunities around the globe. As a business, we’re unafraid of pushing boundaries and want to transform the world of work through talent and technology.

We also realised that transformation needs to start with us, and, as an industry, we’ve been preparing and managing all types of agreements in the same way for the last twenty years. It is a highly manual way of working which no longer appeals to our digitally savvy clients and candidates.

What were the main drivers to for your business to modernise the agreement process?

In Asia Pacific alone, we process thousands of agreements each week; mainly employment agreements with personnel we second to our clients and service agreements with clients for permanent placement, temporary staffing and business process outsourcing services.

In the past, the processes involved in getting agreements prepared were almost entirely manual. We would waste time and resources on printing, scanning and shuffling agreements between three or four internal approvers before they were even sent out the door. We also held on to paper-based contracts for seven years, and the storage costs were unacceptable.

We wanted to eliminate all of these inefficiencies, as well as the frustration for employees and clients. So when we saw our clients using Docusign, it was an easy decision to get behind it.

How are you using Docusign today at The Adecco Group?

We’re using Docusign not only as an electronic signature solution but as a way to modernise our business and accelerate our entire agreement process. We’re in the middle of a staged rollout across Asia Pacific with a goal for 70% of contracts to be prepared, executed and managed on Docusign’s System of Agreement platform by the end of this year and 90% by 2020.

We’ve had the most progress in Taiwan where contract managers are already using Docusign to prepare agreements, route them to internal stakeholders for review and approval, and ultimately get them signed electronically using a laptop or mobile phone.

Have you seen this impact the service The Adecco Group provides?

Digitising these processes has improved the contract experience for everyone – to the extent that we’re outperforming all client and candidate expectations when it comes to turnaround times.

The accelerated pace of business has been especially valuable when it comes to executing short-term contracts and candidates genuinely enjoy the convenience of signing agreements electronically.

What has been the reaction from your employees of the Docusign solution?

We’ve had really strong support from both managers and employees. Basically, once they realise the process is faster using Docusign, they are quick to adopt it. It’s not just another legal tool, but a platform that enables them to do their job better.

What’s next for The Adecco Group when it comes to accelerating your agreement processes?

Speed remains critical as we compete to deliver service excellence to our clients and fill urgent temp positions. That’s why we’re continuing to rollout Docusign as both an electronic signature and contract management solution across Asia Pacific. It allows us to stay at the forefront of our industry and put people in the right roles faster.

Longer term, I can see this evolving to a point where our contracts are informed by AI and we know our client and candidate base to the point where every interaction is highly individualised. It’s a huge advancement from where we were only 12 months ago.

Thank you, Carlos!

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