3 digital solutions your IT team needs to remain efficient when working remotely

3 digital solutions  your IT team needs to remain efficient when working remotely

Finding the right digital solutions for remote teams is key if you want your team to be  productive and effective. For IT teams, operational continuity is more than achievable with a remote workforce. You just need to invest in the right digital tools and technology.

IT professionals should feel empowered to automate regular processes, therefore freeing up time for the team to do more impactful and meaningful work. The Docusign Agreement Cloud™ helps IT teams eliminate paper by automating processes and connecting to other systems you already use. It has more than a dozen applications and 350 pre-built integrations with third-party applications. 

In this post, we are sharing 3 digital solutions that will help keep your team working harmoniously, increase productivity and help to establish seamless remote working practices.

 Here are 3 digital solutions that any remote team will find useful to automate their operations processes and help eliminate repetitive tasks: 

1. Use an electronic signature tool

At some point, you or your team might need to sign something while you are working from home. Docusign eSignature can help your team securely access and sign documents from almost anywhere in the world or easily upload and send documents for others to sign. There’s no need to be concerned about security, because Docusign’s systems and processes meet the industry’s most rigorous security certification standards. Even a small change like this can make a significant impact . Half of agreements made using Docusign eSignature are completed in 15 minutes or less, and 82% in just one day – this can free up vast amounts of time that can be used to add value elsewhere. Signatories can be identified from a range of methods, ensuring there is always safe and secure ID verification for the signatories. Find out everything you need to know about electronic signatures.

2. Contract Lifecycle Management

Why not automate your entire contract lifecycle? Digital document management can help to maintain your business continuity wherever your workforce is located. From bug fixes to new feature requests, you’ll often need to embed sign-off into your IT project management documents, and automation can ensure better visibility and control. A contract lifecycle management tool like Docusign CLM can help IT teams provide better experiences for their team, employees and customers. Remote working can be particularly tricky with a paper-based system.

With a CLM solution, colleagues can automate even the most complex agreement processes and collaborate on a document in real-time, with changes tracked so managers can oversee the document’s history. Within the system, you can manage document generation, collaboration, and workflow. There is a central agreement repository, and you can create pre-configured templates that auto-populate contracts with data from other systems. This digital tool also makes it easy to locate specific agreements and contracts. It will save you time, reduce risk and reduce errors.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Docusign Insights uses AI to help you find data and analyse clauses and consent within your agreements. You can quickly gather actionable insights for business process improvement and reduce the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR. The GDPR Compliance Pack is a purpose-built add-on that helps you to accelerate and maintain GDPR compliance wherever you are. It includes pre-built policies and algorithms to detect GDPR issues such as data breach and privacy from home. You can fine-tune algorithms to your unique industry and corporate needs.

Whatever technology you choose to provide for employees, it’s also vital to provide training. The challenges of remote working can be met head-on with the Docusign Agreement Cloud. It can help reduce printing costs, ensure better compliance and ensure your organisation’s agreement needs are seamless, saving your team both time and effort. 

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