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White Paper

eBook: The secret to more time and efficiency for real estate agents

Technology has transformed almost every element of the real estate industry. Yet, the core of the industry, agency agreements, still run largely on paper and manual processes.

This eBook explores how a modern System of Agreement – the collective processes of preparing, signing, acting on and managing real estate agreements – is making processes more efficient and agents more productive.

Some of the benefits include:

More mobility

67% of agents are required to be in the office as many of their systems are still paper-based. But, a modern System of Agreement gives rise to new, mobile agents.

A better customer experience

Customers increasingly expect convenience. Managing agency agreements online saves time, hassle and headaches, enhancing the customer experience.

A better work/life balance

36% of real estate agents who have switched to electronic agreements say it’s improved their work/life balance, no longer needing to stay at work after hours.

Download this eBook to uncover how technology can help you as a real estate agent unlock more time and efficiency in your daily property transactions.