4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Free Docusign Account

Secure storage, free sends, mobile app and more!

Every day, people use free Docusign eSignature accounts to sign important documents. But if you're only using your Docusign account to sign documents that are sent to you, you might be missing out on features that help you save time and work more efficiently.

Let’s explore some of the features of your free Docusign account.

Sign documents that aren’t sent to you through Docusign

Here’s a familiar scenario: You receive an important document that’s time-sensitive, like a lease agreement. Let’s say that the paperwork has been sent to you as an email attachment–not through Docusign. Your first instinct may be to print the lease document to sign it, but you can actually sign that document electronically, without printing it out.

Simply save the agreement to your device or scan a physical copy with your camera. Then upload the document into your Docusign account and select “I’m the only signer” to prepare it for signing. In just a few clicks, you can sign and route the lease agreement back to the sender. You’ll have signed your lease in minutes.

This feature works perfectly when you receive anything to sign, like health waivers, statements of work, insurance forms, rental contracts, estimates, invoices or liability waivers. No printing is necessary, which means you help save paper and trees, too.

Once you’ve signed a document, there are a number of actions you can take:

  1. Send the document via email through Docusign, using a personalized subject line and message to the recipient
  2. Download and save a copy to your Docusign account
  3. See status of the agreement, such as when the document was received and opened

A free Docusign account comes with unlimited document storage. Any document you sign will be stored indefinitely in your account so you can easily retrieve it when you need to. Docusign cloud storage complies with the highest privacy and security standards, so you can sleep well knowing that anything you store in your free account is well protected for as long as you keep your documents with us.

Send documents for others to sign

In addition to signing documents yourself, you can also send a document to someone to review and sign. Your free account comes with three free “sends”–just upload your document, flag the fields that the other parties need to complete or sign and send away.

You'll save an average of $36 on printing and postage costs every time you send an agreement with Docusign. What’s more, 80% of documents sent out for signature through Docusign are completed in less than a day!

Work virtually anywhere on the eSignature mobile app

Today’s way of working continues to shift to mobile devices, and the urgency of responding to important matters hasn’t changed. Whether personal or professional issues need your attention, you need to be able to respond quickly from wherever you are. 

With the Docusign eSignature mobile app, you can manage your agreements from almost anywhere on virtually any hand-held device. Uploading documents is even easier on mobile: import files for signing directly from your mobile device – from an email attachment, G-drive, Evernote, and more, or from a photo scan. The app supports almost any document format: PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML, JPEG, PNG, and others.

DocuSign eSignature Mobile app features

The eSignature mobile app is equipped with responsive display, meaning documents are optimally displayed to fit your mobile device’s screen so you can read what you’re signing. No more pinching and zooming!

With the Docusign mobile app, you can open accounts, set up and confirm deliveries, sign a job offer and complete employment forms directly from your mobile device. You can even collect payment and signature in a single transaction. 

The app is purpose-built to sync up with your free account, so any action you take while on your mobile device will be reflected when you log back in on your desktop. And while on the go, you’ll of course have access to all of the stored files and documents you previously managed. 

Get the Docusign Mobile App – iOS or Android

Integrate electronic signatures with software you already use

It’s easy to insert a signature line right into a document you’ve created with either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You’ll experience the same easy-to-use drag & drop features and document management tools, and enjoy the same level of Docusign security that creates a binding and enforceable legal contract. 

There’s a handy, downloadable add-on to simplify the process and launch the pre-built tool for both Google and Word docs. As always, you can sign a document yourself or add a signature tag to collect a signature from someone else. 

For step-by-step instructions for signing in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, check out our guides: 

From paper-heavy businesses like real estate, to independent professionals just wishing to lighten their administrative loads, everyone finishes paperwork sooner by adding the power of electronic signatures to their day. 

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