Infographic: Automating the sales contract process

It’s well known that e-signature technology can help accelerate the sales contract process. But e-signature is only the first step in a broader opportunity to automate contract management from proposal through closed won to billing and storing completed agreements. A recent Forrester study commissioned by Docusign revealed 87% of contracts are still prepared manually.  Even after contracts are completed, nearly half of all sales organizations are unable to easily search for and find specific agreements.

A manual agreement processes slows down the sales process by an average of 7 days and can cost organizations $51 CDN per contract in printing/mailing costs as well as lost productivity from sales spending time on admin tasks. Dive into the challenges of the current sales contracting process and the benefits of modernizing in the infographic below.

Teja Vora, Director, Commercial Marketing, Docusign

B2B sales infographic

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