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Intellectual Property

Last updated December 2016

DocuSign Trademark & Brand Assets – Learn more about DocuSign’s trademarks and brand assets, including when and how they can be used:

  • General Guidelines – Learn more about how to properly refer to DocuSign in text.  If you wish to use a logo or some other Brand Asset, please review the Brand Asset License and the Brand Asset License Request. 

  • Brand Asset License – Review the terms and conditions applicable to use of DocuSign Brand Assets. 

  • Brand Asset License Request – Submit a request to use DocuSign’s Brand Assets, including trademarks, logos, slogans, taglines, designs, and other source identifiers.

  • NOTE: You may already have a limited right to use DocuSign Brand Assets in accordance with the Brand Asset License and the Brand Asset Guidelines.  Please consult your agreement for more information if you:

    • participate in a DocuSign Partnership Program (and have a signed agreement); or

    • develop/support an integration with DocuSign services subject to the Developer Terms & Conditions 

  • Brand Asset Guidelines – Review the guidelines for the display of DocuSign’s Brand Assets and download the assets available for use. 

Infringement – Learn more about how to report infringing content or activity to DocuSign.