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DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Legal Departments

Impact the business, do more with less, reduce risk

Deliver faster turnaround times with DocuSign

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Legal Departments can help you do more with less–and help you deliver significant value to the business. It’s a platform that streamlines processes and automates workflows, standardizes and analyzes contract language and centrally stores all your agreements.
Realize faster turnaround times, use less “paper” paperwork and reduce risk with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

Featured products

DocuSign eSignature

Use the world’s #1 way to send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time.

DocuSign CLM

Automate the contract lifecycle with document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central agreement repository.

DocuSign Insight

Use AI-driven conceptual search, clause identification, and analytics across all of your contracts, post signature.

DocuSign Analyzer

Use AI to perform contract analytics in the pre-execution stage of your agreement process.

DocuSign Click

Capture consent to standard agreement terms with a single click.

DocuSign Identify

Verify the identity of signers with ID verification, SMS authentication or knowledge-based authentication.

DocuSign Integrations

Easily embed DocuSign into your existing tools with our 400+ pre-built integrations with the leading platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, SAP, Box and many more.

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Benefits for legal departments

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Reduce risk and improve governance

Identify data privacy risks across contracts with the power of pre-built AI, then efficiently update agreements and capture enforceable consent to comply with changing regulatory requirements. Learn four strategies for data privacy law readiness.

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Do more with the same

Enable self-service by empowering contract risk scoring against pre-approved terms. Set thresholds for your legal team’s involvement with agreements to maximize your resources. Automate and simplify processes for intake, negotiations and approvals with pre-set workflows, approved templates, and clause libraries.

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Advise the enterprise

Impact enterprise-wide revenue acceleration or cost savings by automating workflows and accelerating cycle times. Use AI to generate insights and improve performance.

Legal department challenges

47% of law departments process more than 1,000 agreements every month.


Experience delays in closing deals relating to contract management issues.


Lack visibility into the location and status of agreements pre-execution (and 44% post-execution).


Says contracts go through 3-4 versions before being finalized.


Have difficulty maintaining security and confidentiality.


Experience risk from the inability to proactively detect problematic language.

Customer stories

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Smarter contracting initiative built on DocuSign

Seeking to digitally transform procurement contracting, Unilever implemented a global smarter contracting initiative that reduced average contract completion time by 50%.
DocuSign customer, Tata Communications’ logo

Tata Communications uses DocuSign

Learn how this leading communications provider’s legal department reduced contract turnarounds from months to just one day, and realized a 90% savings on courier services.

Resources for legal departments

Thumbnail image of DocuSign Legal Department solution brief

Legal department solution brief

Learn more about the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Legal Departments.
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Connect agreement processes

Get the stats and information you need to understand why modernizing your systems of agreement can be a game-changer.
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CLM and Smart Contracts webinar

Hear how modern legal teams automate manual tasks, orchestrate complex workflows and eliminate unnecessary risk.
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Why Digitize Legal Processes?

Legal is often the operational bottleneck due to continued reliance on paper processes. Learn the benefits of digitized agreements to relieve Legal’s manual workload.
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Agree Better

Learn how automating and connecting the entire agreement process gets business done faster with less risk.
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CLM 2020 paper

Discover the criteria organizations use to pinpoint the right CLM partner based on size and objectives.

Modernize your system of agreement

Accelerate agreement creation, negotiation, execution, and management with the
DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

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