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Introducing Intelligent Agreement Management

Capture the critical business value that’s hiding in your agreements. Meet Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) from the company that brought you the world’s #1 e-signature.

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Docusign IAM

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Your data is trapped in agreements. It's time to free it.

Agreements are the core of your business. And with an outdated process, you’re wasting time, missing insights, and losing money. This is the Agreement Trap, and it's causing inefficient workflows and overwhelming day-to-day operations.

See how it impacts your business.

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Your agreement processes are stuck in the dark ages

The Agreement Trap causes pain in every business. Crucial deals slip another quarter. Top talent is lost in a competitive market. Revenue lags when sales spends more time on process than selling. Don’t lose critical business value through the trap of agreement mismanagement.

Make informed, data-backed decisions when every agreement lives on a trusted platform

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    Power end-to-end agreements

    Create, commit to, and manage your agreements in one platform that connects to your work tools.

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    Uncover actionable insights

    Leverage the agreement data you already have into actionable business insights and opportunities.

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    Automate your contract lifecycle

    Free your time from manual, repetitive tasks so you can focus on making larger impacts.

Applications designed to fit every team

Our suite of applications contain core capabilities built to fit the specific needs of your business.

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    IAM for Customer Experience (CX)

    Transform time-consuming processes into engaging experiences that build life-long customer relationships and drive scale.

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    IAM for Sales

    Streamline sales contracting, enabling sellers to create optimal deals more independently, close them faster, and extract more value.

    Coming soon

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    Centralize and simplify agreement processes, freeing resources from the burdens of manual oversight that distract from more strategic, high-impact work.

    Coming soon

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    IAM for Human Resources (HR)

    Automate manual employee and candidate agreement processes, so your business can focus more on people and less on paperwork.

    Coming soon

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    IAM for Procurement

    Reduce inefficiencies in cross-departmental collaboration, while surfacing powerful insights to maximize contract value, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

    Coming soon


  • Intelligent agreement management (IAM) is a new category of cloud software that helps organizations everywhere escape the Agreement Trap, and transform the way they create, commit to, and manage their agreements and agreement processes. This helps improve efficiency, reduce risk and unlock additional value from agreements.

    The agreement trap is perhaps the biggest unseen challenge that organizations face. Deloitte says that poor agreement management processes and systems can cost nearly US$2 trillion in global economic value each year.* While every organization depends on agreements for many of their vital day-to-day activities, the processes that manage them are slow, manual and error-prone and leave critical business data trapped in static, flat files.

    Solving this problem and escaping the agreement trap requires a new way of approaching agreements, where they are treated as first-class participants in modern business workflows. This solution should support business users at every step, automate manual work and leverage the power of AI.

    Intelligent Agreement Management is a new way to help every organization to:
    - create agreements in a way that is collaborative, automated and integrated with all business processes and systems.
    - commit to agreements faster, more securely and with a better end-customer, partner and employee experience.
    - manage agreements dynamically by breaking down the data hidden within, unlocking value and eliminating unnecessary risk.

    Welcome to the new world of Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM).

  • Our new IAM strategy is oriented around delivering more value to our existing customers. We are currently working on new Docusign plans that package our existing capabilities alongside new ones to create a new portfolio of applications tailored to help organisations change the way organisations create, commit to and manage their agreements. The new services and capabilities we are building will work seamlessly with the Docusign products you already use today. Below are some examples of the new functionality we are building:

    - Tailored applications built for the unique needs of different individuals, teams, lines of business and industries.
    - Modular capabilities and workflow designer to build agreement process solutions to match business needs in an easy-to-use, no-code workflow tool.
    - Enhanced integrations and interoperability to seamlessly connect agreement processes with critical business systems, and enable the flow of agreement data across DocuSign and partner solutions.
    - A single, intelligent repository to centrally store, manage and analyse agreements across the organisation, unlocking data trapped in agreements to drive efficiencies, uncover opportunities to lower costs, and reduce risk.

  • Select IAM plans and applications will be available in the U.S., Canada and Australia starting in May of 2024. Plans will expand to additional countries starting in late 2024 and 2025. In the interim, we will continue to deploy new innovations across our existing offerings.

  • If you're an existing eSign or CLM customer, nothing changes. You’ll continue to see new innovations deployed to your existing applications. Once IAM plans and applications are available in your region, you’ll have the opportunity to access new plans that include exciting new capabilities, with no migration required. During this time you’ll still be able to purchase or renew with your current eSignature and CLM plan. New customers can continue to try eSignature for free.

Learn why Docusign IAM is the agreement suite your business needs

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