Do your sales reps spend more time preparing contracts than closing deals?

Many organizations are already accelerating the process of signing sales contracts and other customer agreements by using electronic signature technology—and it’s a huge time saver. Unfortunately, the process of preparing those agreements for signature is still a significant source of wasted time, needless cost, and increased risk.

Too many cycles are spent retyping information, copying boilerplate language from other systems or documents, futzing with formatting or using outdated templates. It’s a slow, manual process—one prone to errors and delays that frustrates customers or, worse, causes them to look for a faster competitor. It’s no surprise that recent Docusign research found that 59% of sales managers say agreement preparation takes way too long. Now, there’s a better way to get sales agreements ready for customer signature.


Introducing Docusign Gen for Salesforce


We’re pleased to bring you Docusign Gen for Salesforce, the automated way to generate polished, customer-ready agreements straight from the Salesforce user interface. From NDAs and proposals to quotes and invoices, sales reps can produce any agreement, using data already stored in Salesforce, with just a few clicks. Gen allows reps to spend more time selling and less time dealing with administrative headaches.

Gen is the latest application released as part of our recently announced Docusign Agreement Cloud, which helps organizations digitally transform the way they do business via contracts and agreements through innovative applications, integrations and platform technologies. Below we highlight several Gen features that get reps to “Closed Won” faster.


Generate professional-looking agreements in less time


When reps copy, paste, or retype data from other systems into a contract, errors and ugly formatting can result. In contrast, Gen seamlessly merges customer, product and pricing data from Salesforce directly into the contract. This eliminates errors due to manually transferring data, and it ensures agreements look polished, as if created from scratch.


Edit generated contracts in Microsoft Word


If a generated contract needs to be edited or reviewed, Microsoft Word can be used. This allows all agreement reviewers—legal teams, reps, and customers—to make changes without hassle, in an editing environment they already know. See how seamlessly this works here:


Prepare, sign and store agreements within Salesforce


Gen is a Salesforce-native application powered by Lightning that is also integrated with Docusign eSignature (sold separately as Docusign for Salesforce). Together, they can automate the agreement process from preparing to signing to storing—all while keeping reps within the Salesforce user interface.

Our customers are already seeing the value of an integrated solution. Trucking startup Convoy’s sales operations manager, Dustin Gransberry told us, “We’re always looking for ways to accelerate deal closings. After recently partnering with Docusign, we’ve seen how Docusign Gen for Salesforce can help businesses like us streamline and centralize the agreement process from preparation to signature.”


Send the correct agreement every time


There’s no one-size-fits-all contract—pricing, term lengths and other business rules vary depending on the size of the deal, location and other variables. To handle this complexity, admins need to create and manage many contract templates each addressing a different scenario. Reps then need to choose the right template and fill it in correctly. All of this takes time and is error-prone—to the point that it’s not a question of “if” but rather “how often” an erroneous contract gets sent to a customer.

To ease this burden, Gen can automatically include or exclude specific terms in agreements based on predetermined business rules. This allows an admin to create a single template that adapts a contract’s content according to your business rules, driven by Salesforce data. For example, the same template may have different clauses depending on the laws of the country or state where the customer is located. By automating the selection of the right content based on the context, Gen greatly reduces the time and risk normally involved.


Easy enough to set up yourself


Gen is easy to implement and admin-friendly. An admin can install Docusign Gen from the Salesforce AppExchange, then configure templates easily with step-by-step guidance. So, see how quickly you can enable your reps to close more deals faster by automatically generating polished agreements with just a few clicks from Salesforce.




Download Docusign Gen and start a free trial today.




Jeremy Viault
Jeremy Viault
Marketing Director, Canada
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