Canada says: We expect digital processes

5 ways paper processes kill business growth


Canadian businesses that don’t offer digital services that customers need and expect are putting their success at risk.

Businesses no longer dictate to customers. Access to, and innovations in, technology have turned the tables. It’s now customers who hold the power in the transaction relationship.

1. The people have spoken: RIP paper

75% of Canadians say government services should be available digitally – not just in person. COVID-19 has accelerated access to online citizen services and increased Canada’s appetite for a paperless approach. Who wouldn’t want speed, convenience and security? RIP paper!

2. Digital details count

The majority of Canadians would rather purchase from a company that offers a robust digital shopping experience. That means detailed product information, clear checkout processes, shipping and pick-up options, tracking and return specifics. And there is clear preference for access by mobile app. Canadians have choices. If you’re lagging in digital retail experience, 40%+ of your customers say they will simply take their business elsewhere. 

3. Appearances do matter

No business wants to be seen as behind the times. In this digital age, nothing says ‘old school’ like using paper. 90% of Canadians in every province have internet access at home, so requiring people to fill out paper forms is outdated, a poor client experience, and a major inconvenience. 

4. Lost in transit

In a world where even simple purchases like taxis, pizza and online shopping can be tracked in real time, it is not surprising more than half of us are no longer happy sending important documents by snail mail. Worry about misplaced documents routed to the wrong recipient or exposure of sensitive, personal data are just two causes for concern.

5. Paper is problematic

Think of the last time you received a paper agreement. You had to sign it, copy it, and send it back. Did you mail it or call a courier? For “convenience”, you might have signed it, scanned it or taken a photo of each page to convert to a PDF in order to get it back via email. However you returned the agreement, the process was certainly a hassle.

Nearly three in four customers reported problems completing a paper transaction over the last 12 months because of issues linked to manual processes. Digital conveniences, like electronic signatures, are at the heart of customer-centric businesses.