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DocuSign Administration Tools

Administer eSignature centrally

For administrators of complex DocuSign accounts, including for organizations with multiple domains and accounts

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Centralize for efficiency, visibility, and compliance

DocuSign Admin Tools centralize management of users, accounts and single sign-on (SSO). They allow you to protect and manage corporate assets with the security of SSO, domain-level controls and the administration of all corporate users from a single user interface. This includes being able to search for a user across all your accounts and domains, then manage that user's permissions centrally.

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  • Do things once, from one place

    Save time through centralized user and account management.

  • Control access to DocuSign

    Single sign-on and domain-level controls help you secure your company assets and control corporate use of DocuSign.

  • Manage faster with bulk actions

    Add new users from a list, then export user and account info as lists.


  • DocuSign Admin Tools are included in DocuSign eSignature Enterprise Pro edition. If you have another edition, you can buy "Access Management with SSO" (for configuring/managing single sign-on) and "Organization Management" (for multi-account and enterprise user management).

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