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Deloitte + Docusign Report: Unlocking the value of Agreement Management

Nearly $2T in annual global economic value is destroyed today

Manual processes, disconnected workflows, poor communication, and unclear governance are hindering your growth and productivity–leading to economic value losses.

Productivity Loss

Agreement processes are often inundated with disconnected workflows, leading to additional mistakes and wasted time.

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Revenue Loss

Inefficient agreement management also inevitably leads to contracting delays, which can delay deal closing, quota retirement, and revenue recognition.

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You're wasting time and missing value

Organizations continue to rely on manual agreement workarounds, leading to large productivity losses over time.

  • 1.5M
    missed revenue per company on average due to contracting inefficiencies for sales teams.
  • 22
    major agreement compliance incidents reported on average in the last year for legal teams.
  • >$1M
    missed savings from contractual incentives on average for procurement teams.
  • 57%
    of HR teams reported missing out on preferred talent due to agreement delays.
  • 55%
    of IT teams reported lacking the tools to perform vendor assessments and track compliance and performance.

How organizations like yours do more with Docusign

  • "98% of our life insurance applications are digitally integrated with Docusign, saving time and printing/mailing costs across millions of policies."

    Ronni Carthron

    AVP Enterprise Product Development

  • "We are most excited for AI-driven features such as risk scoring, suggested clauses, and summarization."

    Courtney Dutter

    Courtney Dutter

    General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Explore the impact to your business and how Docusign can help you.

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