6 Docusign Tools for Sending Your Salesforce Productivity Skywards

From electronic signature to CPQ to APEX toolkit and more

Salesforce has become the global leader in CRM software. With functionality that goes far beyond CRM alone, Salesforce is successfully positioning itself as an innovative, yet essential, player for increasing the productivity and efficiency of any business.

Speed is the new business currency. To support today’s demand for speed, Docusign and Salesforce have teamed up to develop not one but several integrations between their products. The goal is to save time, reduce risk and increase team productivity for businesses everywhere. These are six of the Docusign integrations that Salesforce customers can benefit from:

  1. Docusign eSignature for Salesforce
  2. Docusign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ
  3. Docusign CLM for Salesforce
  4. Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce
  5. Docusign eSignature for Salesforce Essentials
  6. Docusign for Salesforce APEX Toolkit

Read on to take a look at these individually.

1 – Docusign eSignature for Salesforce

The Docusign eSignature integration is for all Salesforce users. It allows you to sign agreements using eSignature, automatically write back data to your CRM, and track and store signed documents through every step, without ever leaving Salesforce.

How Docusign eSignature for Salesforce Works

From your CRM solution you can:

  • Request a one-click signature in any object
  • Allow customers to electronically sign a document
  • Automatically collect or extract data between Salesforce and Docusign
  • Trigger actions and add signed agreements to a Salesforce record


2 – Docusign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Generating quotes and business proposals is a daily and often tedious activity for all salespeople. The Docusign for Salesforce CPQ integration allows the salesperson to work on basic or complex proposals from inside Salesforce CRM, simplifying the signing phase with Docusign eSignature.

How Docusign eSignature for Salesforce CPQ Works

Once sales representatives create a proposal in Salesforce, they can send it to a customer or other stakeholder for signing with only a simple click of a button, thanks to Docusign’s CPQ integration. Tracking the progress of the signature is easy, from directly inside Salesforce. And, the Salesforce business opportunity automatically marks itself as closed once the customer has completed the signing process.


3 – Docusign CLM for Salesforce

Docusign’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution adds further value to Salesforce by speeding up the creation, collaboration, and management of agreements. Docusign CLM integrates equally with Salesforce CRM or CPQ.

How Docusign CLM for Salesforce works

Users generate agreements from pre-defined templates using data extracted from Salesforce and a pre-approved clause library, which serves up relevant content based on user rights. The next step is to create powerful workflows according to the terms of your contract. Salesforce centralizes all activity associated with your agreements so that they are easy to pull up and refer to. Once signed, you can automatically trigger post-signature actions using Docusign CLM in your Salesforce interface.


4 – Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce

Using Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce sales representatives are able to speed up the generation and negotiation of agreements to get business done faster. This tool addresses that frustration point between where a deal is verbally agreed and the terms are laid down and signed off, which can be complex and time-consuming.

How Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce works

Sales representatives automatically create agreements using customer, product, and pricing data in Salesforce. They can add in or exclude content based on Salesforce data like the deal size. Negotiation and approvals take place with internal and external stakeholders collaboratively within the live document, eliminating the issues typically associated with tracking and version control. There’s a clear audit trail of who did what and when. And, because it’s all integrated with Salesforce, agreements are automatically stored back into Salesforce.

Docusign Negotiate for Salesforce


5 – Docusign eSignature for Salesforce Essentials

Designed for small businesses, Salesforce Essentials is the perfect CRM solution for small businesses and startups.

How Docusign eSignature for Salesforce Essentials works

Docusign eSignature for Salesforce Essentials integrates Docusign with Salesforce CRM for small businesses, enabling sales teams to dispense with paper, send documents to their customers more easily, and receive them back more quickly. This powerful yet accessible combination lets small business owners keep track of the status of their contracts from any Salesforce opportunity, to succeed faster and accelerate their growth.

Again, sales representatives can create contracts directly from Salesforce Essentials and send them at the touch of a button. They can follow the progress of the approval cycle from within the CRM, keeping an eye on each and every business opportunity. The result is high productivity and faster contract sign-off.


6 – Docusign for Salesforce Apex Toolkit

The Apex Toolkit is a set of tools that lets developers create a 100% personalized experience by integrating Docusign into the Salesforce platform with their preferred tools; an SDK for example.

With this full suite of Salesforce integrations, users can save time, eliminate manual tasks and increase productivity. If you need more information about Docusign for Salesforce our experts are at your disposal to answer all your questions.