Sweet Recipes with Five Digital Partners

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While we gleefully await the influx of candy hearts, large chocolate delights, and other refined sugars bound to invade the Docusign offices, there’s something we’re looking forward to even more: Our celebration of the partnerships that have helped us accelerate digital transformation globally.

We’ve had the opportunity to join forces with countless talented partners, and today, we’re penning valentines for five of them (and we encourage you to share them as well).

However, these aren’t your typical heart-shaped cards. In lieu of any grand romantic gestures, we’ve crafted something even sweeter: recipes for success. And they’re not just for our valentines -- they’re for any and all who wish to leverage our integrations and propel their workflows into the digital age.

Whether you’re a Docusign newbie or a seasoned pro, the following recipes for success aren’t just sweet -- they’re effective.

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Recipe 1: Docusign Dipped Caramel Apple

To: Apple

From: Docusign

Recipe for Success:

1 cup Docusign

1 part iOS

1 Apple device

Mix Docusign + iOS. Heat.

Dip device.

Yield: Unlimited access to faster, more secure transactions on your Apple devices. Learn more.

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Recipe 2: (G)Suiter Than Pie With Docusign

To: Google

From: Docusign

Recipe for Success:

2 tablespoons of Docusign Chrome Extension

1 teaspoon of Google Docs in GSuite

1 Android device


Knead into crust, fill with Google-fruits, bake.

Yield: Unprecedented speed and ease in electronically signing documents, sending documents out for signature requests, and taking critical actions from within the Google products you already use.

Learn more.

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Recipe 3: Dynamic Docusign (Micro)soft Toffee

To: Microsoft

From: Docusign

1 portion Microsoft Word

2 portions Microsoft Outlook

Windows to taste

Mix with 1 cup Docusign


Pull until it reaches the desired consistency.

Yield: The ability to securely transact business anytime, anywhere, on any device from the Microsoft apps you know and love.

Learn more.

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Recipe 4: Cinnamon DocuSigned Appy Rolls

To: Salesforce

From: Docusign

1 large bowl of Salesforce

2 cups Docusign

Knead and roll into wheels. Dust with cinnamon. Bake.

Yield: Closed deals, satisfied customers, reduced operating costs, and the power to manage contracts even more simply and efficiently from Salesforce. 

Learn more.

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Recipe 5: (SAP)py Drizzled Docusign Doughnuts


From: Docusign

Knead SAP.



Yield: Streamlined and improved business processes, cost savings, reduced risk, and enhanced compliance. 

Learn more.

Want access to many more sweet recipes? Look no further. Happy Valentine's Day!

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