Protect Your Agreement Data with Docusign Monitor for CLM

Docusign Monitor is now available to CLM customers! Learn how this new functionality provides deeper visibility into CLM user activity across the contract lifecycle.

Research has shown that 7% of malicious breaches are caused by unauthorized insider activity, and an additional 19% by stolen or compromised credentials. We know that Docusign CLM hosts a wealth of sensitive and high-value agreement data for our customers. If a user were to delete or mismanage the workflows, documents, and metadata associated with in-flight contracts, it could be both disruptive and potentially damaging to an organization.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Docusign Monitor is now available to CLM customers.

What is Docusign Monitor?

Docusign Monitor provides an additional layer of security to help guard your agreements and the data within them. Using advanced analytics to track both eSignature and now CLM web, mobile and API account activity across the enterprise, Monitor empowers security teams to

  1. Detect potential threats with rules-based alerts 
  2. Investigate incidents with instant access to in-depth information 
  3. Respond quickly with decisive action to verified threats
DocuSign Monitor for CLM screenshot

Although Docusign already meets and often exceeds stringent global security standards, we are now including CLM alerts in Monitor to provide our customers with deeper visibility into critical user activity across the contract lifecycle.

Monitor for CLM provides a comprehensive and holistic multi-product view of user activity for both Docusign CLM and eSignature on one dashboard, making it easier for organizations to detect, investigate and respond to suspicious activity before incidents occur. It’s also a powerful form of reassurance–because losing even one high-value agreement can have a major impact.

Now, CLM admins will be alerted of suspicious user activity such as unauthorized access, deletion or downloading of documents, potential external brute-force attacks, and logins from unknown locations. Once alerted, admins can determine the source of the incident and immediately take action to protect sensitive agreement data and in-flight contracts. 

Learn how Docusign Monitor can help safeguard the integrity of your systems and agreements. Read more about the Monitor API, or contact sales for a demo.