Announcing the Docusign 2023 Release 2

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At Docusign, our mission is to redefine how the world comes together and agrees. We’re helping organizations and individuals streamline contracts, forms, and other agreements. For most of our customers, agreement transformation begins with eSignature. But today, our customers use Docusign for so much more - generating documents, verifying signer identities, notarizing remotely, using AI to analyze agreements, streamlining reviews and negotiation, and managing complex workflows.

The result is the seamless, connected agreement process that your customers and employees expect today. And with artificial intelligence, we're transforming the entire agreement process to be more data-driven, allowing you to extract insights from your data, streamline workflows, and deliver an experience that wows all involved.

At Docusign, we aim to remove the friction in the agreement process and help you build trust, by adding intelligence to the process and unlocking valuable data for everyone: making it easier for people to make smarter decisions and understand the risks involved. We’re excited to be on this journey with you to transform your agreements to be smarter, easier and more trusted for every aspect of your organization – no matter how big or small.

Today at Docusign Momentum, we’re introducing our second product release of 2023, including several innovations with a special focus on increasing trust and security.

Here are the highlights from Docusign 2023 Release 2:

Let’s dive into the new features. 

Bolster trust and security  

Teams want to keep customers’ trust with a reliable digital agreement workflow that increases security and decreases risk. For situations in which agreements may need deeper identity verification, we are giving you the option to build in additional layers of security. But it’s not only about the workflows themselves. Our customers also need to track overall activity and safeguard agreements.

Liveness detection for ID Verification

Using biometric checks, this enhancement to the Docusign ID Verification offering makes it easier and more secure for businesses to identify signers while remaining compliant with specific standards and regulations. Artificial intelligence applied to live video selfies helps confirm that IDs provided are genuine, signers are real, and that signers' faces match their IDs, resulting in higher levels of signer assurances. Available in July to new Identity Verification customers.


A free version of Docusign Monitor will be introduced to most eSignature accounts to enhance account security for eSignature customers. With this free edition of Monitor, you will have round-the-clock activity tracking for the most common security alerts and events, allowing teams to quickly triage suspicious activity. Customers will be able to access 7 days of activity history and experience the benefits of proactive alerts and event tracking. Available July 2023.

We’ve also built a Docusign Monitor integration with CLM, providing customers with deeper, real-time visibility into their entire contract lifecycle. The integration enables admins to evaluate user behavior with rules-based alerts, investigate security incidents, and proactively prevent unwanted risks. CLM admins will be alerted of suspicious user activity such as unauthorized access, deletion or downloading of documents, potential external brute-force attacks, and logins from unknown locations. Available July 2023.

We’re also introducing three new Docusign Monitor enhancements that help customers protect mission critical agreements by:

  1. Tracking compromised or stolen Docusign user credentials that are found on the dark web, automatically alerting impacted users to reset their passwords and reporting further suspicious activity
  2. Allowing admins to create IP safelists
  3. Including automated actions that will allow customers to proactively block malicious activity based on Docusign and country-specific security policies. Available July 2023.

Enable great digital experiences

When you leverage data, you drive your business forward faster. You also deliver a superior digital experience to your customers and employees. In this release, we are enabling commercial and government customers to access rich reporting capabilities for data collected through forms.

Web Forms enhancements

In April, we introduced a new offering called Web Forms to deliver an interactive form-filling experience. Web Forms is now part of Docusign’s FedRAMP Moderate environment, unlocking new possibilities for our federal, state and local government customers to digitize their forms.

We’re also introducing enhancements for Web Forms reporting to enable users to unlock the valuable data collected through forms.  You’ll now be able to run reports on field-level data to uncover actionable insights and power data-driven decisions. You can also apply filters to organize the data by form fields, create charts to visualize results, and analyze trends over time. For example when a DMV employee is processing license plate applications, they can organize applications by date range, filter by the make and model of the car or whether the car is leased or owned, and visualize the information in charts to analyze trends on a monthly or annual basis.  Available July 2023 for eSignature Business & Enterprise Pro customers.

Learn more about Web Forms reporting and Public Sector compliance enhancements in Docusign Release 2.

Check out the full Docusign 2023 Release 2

In the Docusign 2023 Release 2, we’ve also announced enhancements for Gen for Salesforce that help you generate and send agreements faster, accelerating time to value. Lastly we’ve announced updates to CLM that help streamline operations and collaboration on agreements.

Want to learn more? Visit our Docusign Release 2 page to access additional information on these latest enhancements.

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Steve Shute
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