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White Paper

Accelerate sales with a frictionless agreement process

B2B selling warrants a human touch, from establishing rapport and understanding problems to recommending solutions and building relationships.

But within the B2B sales process, there are opportunities for automation and further competitive differentiation—in the agreement process—that remain largely untapped. When agreements get bogged down in manual tasks, the sales process can’t proceed, and business comes to a halt. But the sooner agreements get done, the sooner reps can deliver revenue, and the sooner customers can realize the value of their investments.

This whitepaper will explore how:

  • A modern system of agreement can automate and connect the manual steps before and after the signature that waste sales reps’ time and money and put revenue at risk.

  • Salesforce reduced its sales-contract turnaround time from an average of two days to one hour by modernizing its agreement processes.

Learn how leading organizations eliminate this agreement friction in their sales cycles, enabling reps to close deals faster while contributing to a superior customer experience.