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White Paper

The Total Economic Impact of DocuSign Australia

Have you ever wondered how using eSignatures could impact your business or how to quantify the benefits?

Leading global market research company, Forrester Consulting, examined DocuSign to reveal the true benefits of using eSignatures to modernise your system of agreement.

Drawing from real Australian customer use cases, The Total Economic Study of DocuSign, will help you identify the actual ROI value of transitioning from a manual to a digital agreement process.

Key Findings:

  • Internal process becomes 90% more productive when you don’t have to pin down busy executives for their signatures

  • Operational expense is reduced by $14.21 per agreement – that’s a saving of $168,391 over three years for our two case study companies

  • Offering a more convenient way for digitally savvy customers to sign, meant 84% of agreements were completed in just 1 day

  • Stronger security and compliance - NIGO rate improvement from 25%, to just 2.5%

Download the Forrester TEI study to learn how you can use DocuSign to improve your bottom line.