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White Paper

Forrester State of Systems of Agreement 2021

Over the past year, digital agreement processes have become essential for organizations around the world. The sudden shift to remote work illuminated and amplified inefficiencies at organizations that relied on manual tasks to complete contracts. On the other hand, businesses that embraced connected cloud tools to manage documents saw clear benefits and built a decisive competitive advantage.

For the third consecutive year, Forrester Consulting conducted research on behalf of DocuSign, combining quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews to study agreement processes around the world. Here are some of the key findings from this year’s report:

  • An organization’s response to the 2020 pandemic is an accurate barometer of organizational flexibility and ability to address unexpected changes

  • Organizations with mature digital agreement processes outperform lower-maturity laggards in a variety of ways

  • The more agreements an organization manages, the more it will benefit from modern automation improvements