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On-Demand Webinar

Unlocking the Power of AI in Contract Management

Accelerate Business, Eliminate Risk and Supercharge Productivity

The speed of business is accelerating, yet the way organisations manage contracts isn’t.

Leading organisations across every industry are transforming the way they do business. For many businesses, digitisation has led them to adopt electronic signature technology. However, the lifecycle before and after signature has largely been ignored, often managed through manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails.

Poor contract management is a drag on business performance, leading to

  • Low-velocity sales cycles, slowing down time to revenue.

  • Increased risk due to leaky manual processes that are susceptible to errors and non-compliance

  • Poor customer experience with slowdowns, errors, and lack of responsiveness

Join this webinar to hear a Silicon Valley insider's view of the trends and technologies transforming contract management and how AI will shape the future of legal operations.

Then witness how Culture Amp has revolutionised global legal review with AI-generated insights to enable comprehensive analysis of legacy and future agreements, identifying key terms and outlier clauses to minimise risk and enhance compliance.

Learn how your organisation can:

  • Accelerate contract review cycles

  • Unlock more value from agreements

  • Eliminate unnecessary risk

  • Supercharge legal productivity