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On-Demand Webinar

Forrester TEI Webinar: The ROI of implementing DocuSign

While it’s easy to understand how business agreement technologies like eSignature can accelerate and simplify the way you do business, it’s harder for organisations to quantify these benefits in monetary terms. 

That’s why DocuSign recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to determine the potential ROI of DocuSign eSignature technology – a key the first step towards digitally transforming your system of agreement.

Join guest speaker Leslie Joseph, Research Principle Analyst from Forrester Consulting, and Nicholas van Breda, DocuSign, as we provide listeners with a framework to evaluate the financial impact of DocuSign covering benefits, costs, risk, and flexibility.

This webinar is an abridged version of the Forrester TEI of DocuSign report, which uncovered a ROI of 122%, Net Present Value of $254,025, and a payback period of less than six months. This will help you understand the ROI your organisation could expect from an investment in DocuSign today.

In this On-Demand webinar, we cover:• State of eSignature market – as a key component of a modern System of Agreement• TEI results and associated benefits