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On-Demand Webinar

Enabling Electronic Witnessing of your Agreements

There are many steps to digitising documents such as contracts and agreements, but having a remote witness signature has long been a void in this digital transformation process.

DocuSign's electronic witnessing technology has been long-demanded by the legal profession and their customers. Now backed by technology that captures rich witness evidence such as geolocation, IP addresses and timestamps of the signatures, electronic witnessing is now available in certain states in Australia and also New Zealand.

Special guest Michael Stojanovic from Bird and Bird law firm discusses the legality of electronic witnessing and Tim Roberts from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares and a real-life use case for financial services.

Watch this 50 minute on-demand webinar to find out how you can remotely enable witnessing to sign your agreements, see the product in action and learn how CBA is saving time and money. while delighting their customers.