What are the Advantages of Using Docusign eSignature?

Electronic signature technology has become an important tool for our customers spanning many different industries, from financial, healthcare and technology companies to government agencies and schools. E-signatures can be used for almost any agreement across all lines of business or industry.

The peer-to-peer review site G2 has become a popular forum that small businesses use to research, buy and manage technologies. If you’re wondering why customers choose Docusign eSignature, here are the top advantages of choosing Docusign according to a few of our customers.

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1. Ease of use

Easy to use technologies are important for employees who need to send documents, and for organizations seeking to ensure a good customer experience for signers. Docusign customers are sharing their thoughts on our products’ user-friendliness, and seem especially fond of its intuitive design.

“It is incredibly simple and very simple to use; even the least technical person can figure it out with no difficulties,” said a customer service quality manager. “It makes signing documents a breeze, particularly with multiple pages or multiple people!

2. Cost savings

Docusign eSignature eliminates the costs included with printing, sending and storing agreements, which adds up to an average $36 saved per agreement. One G2 Crowd reviewer said Docusign is saving his logistics and supply chain company $50,000 a year on courier costs alone.

“We operate in 95 countries. A simple intercompany agreement is a nightmare to track and costs say $100 per country to send and receive,” the customer said. “[Docusign] is a mega cost saver in any business and increases speed to conclude contracts.”

3. Security

Docusign meets the most stringent global security certifications, and offers enterprise-grade security and compliance controls to protect our customers’ information, documents, and data. For instance, eSignature offers multiple ways to verify a signer’s identity, like email addresses, SMS authentication, ID verification, one-time codes and more. After a signature is completed, an electronic record is created that serves as an audit trail and proof of the transaction.

Docusign is really easy to use and I like that they value security over everything as it gives me the peace of mind I need to feel comfortable using it for sensitive business documents,” said an administrative assistant.

4. Integrations

In this age of “app overload” users want work to be simple and seamless so they can streamline processes and keep business moving forward. With more than 400 integrations with the systems and tools businesses are already using, customers are saying that integrations make it easier to send and sign documents from within the systems where work gets done.

“We can use its various integrations to automate and connect the entire settlement process,” said an executive assistant. “We can save time while improving the experience of our customers, while obtaining security, mobility, and reliability in a single software.

5. Revenue boosts

Docusign isn’t just saving customers money–it’s also helping them boost revenue. Seattle-based wealth management firm, Merriman was able to increase the number of borrowers returning signed packets by 75% after implementing eSignature. Just ask Andrew K., a product innovation manager who shared his experience on G2 Crowd.

“[It] creates [an] opportunity to generate additional revenue by reaching people digitally vs. waiting for people face to face,” he said.

6. Time savings

Docusign helps customers increase operational efficiency and reduce the time it takes to prepare, send and sign documents. Those working in deadline-driven environments have turned to G2 Crowd to detail how Docusign has been a game changing tool.

Docusign is a terrific time saver for both me and my clients,” a sales broker said. “In real estate, timing can be critical and Docusign lets me get offers and amendments submitted quickly. Even non-techie clients can use the program since it's so easy. We all have a record of the paperwork without the effort of printing, signing, scanning and emailing!”

7. Collecting payments

Docusign Payments is a feature in web and native mobile apps that enables a sender to collect a payment or save a signer's payment method for future charges at the same time as collecting signatures.

It has the endorsement of G2 Crowd users such as Robert P., a project manager. “You can include payment options to send invoices, without any hassle, so it is very easy to collect payments in the same process,” he said.

8. HR/Onboarding

Docusign helps HR teams provide a great onboarding experience, by streamlining the necessary paperwork and eliminating the need to sign and return stacks of hardcopy documents. Its efforts are appreciated by G2 Crowd users.

This helps streamline our onboarding processes,” said one reviewer. “We can designate all parties who need to sign the document, and the order that they need to sign, and then it will be sent in that order without any additional steps.”

9. Environmental benefits

From the very beginning, environmental sustainability has been an important part of the Docusign story. eSignature alone has replaced billions of pieces of paper, along with significant amounts of the waste, water, carbon and wood required to make that paper.

“As a typical millennial I lean towards companies that have some sort of compromise for social good,” said human resources manager Andrew P. “Signing documents electronically clearly helps the environment save on printed paper, and I appreciate Docusign's website highlighting this fact and even providing an ‘impact calculator.’”

10. Convenience

E-signature documents can be signed from anywhere in the world, using nearly any device.

“It's simple to send and receive back,” said ecommerce manager Susan B. “It's much more convenient than having to go to an office or to print off an email, scan it and send it back.”

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