Veterans Bring Focused Resilience to Docusign

Veterans offer a wide-range of experiences and transferable skills that can be a tremendous asset to any employer. The Docusign Honor Employee Resource Group (ERG) for veterans and their allies is one of 11 ERGs at Docusign that connect diverse employees for networking, mentoring, professional development sessions, speaker series, giving back and more.

The Honor ERG recently hosted a panel discussion with nine veteran employees and military spouses from the U.S. and abroad. The panel put a spotlight onto how veteran employees can effectively transition into the workforce through community and connection.

What it means to be a veteran at Docusign

The Honor ERG members discussed how there is a strong veteran community at Docusign, and how their overall shared military experiences translate well into the commercial environment. The panelists represented a wide-range of global military experiences, including the U.S. Navy, Marines, National Guard, Israel Defense Forces, Australian Navy and a military spouse.

These veteran employees discussed the key skills they took from their service that have enabled success in their day-to-day jobs. These include: 

  • Being resilient and able to handle a wide-range of challenges
  • The ability to be patient and focused
  • Being confident in their overall abilities
  • Better time management
  • Making teamwork a priority
  • Having humility and showing grace under pressure

Resilience was the overarching theme with the military spouse participant discussing the challenges that she went through while her husband was deployed. She also highlighted how having the strength to get through challenging times is vital. In addition, being connected to others through military spouse groups played a significant role in helping her and husband to manage change and effectively transition into civilian life.

Lessons learned from the military

The lessons learned from the military – both positive and negative – can offer tremendous value in the workplace. The Honor ERG discussed how these experiences are benefiting them in their current roles at Docusign.

These include being able to quickly step into leadership roles, being more open and empathetic to others, as well as seeking out disciplined paths forward for advancing their careers. These diverse experiences from the military also translate into having the self-confidence that is needed for taking on any challenge.

Docusign’s diversity and inclusion efforts 

The Honor ERG is part of Docusign’s overall Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) effort, which ensures that every team member has an equal opportunity to succeed, to be heard, to exchange ideas openly, to build lasting relationships, and to do the work of their life.

Are you a veteran interested in working for a company that recognizes and honors your service? Please check out Docusign Careers to learn about our current job opportunities.

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