Using Digital ID Verification to Strengthen Hospitality Customer Service

Excellent customer service is table stakes for Hospitality organizations, particularly when it comes to handling sensitive customer data. Customers want to ensure that their information is secure, and as the world becomes more digital, Hospitality companies will need to navigate how their service will evolve to meet customer expectations around convenience, speed, and security.

Whether it is for title services on timeshare properties or refund requests for club memberships, Hospitality employees need to be confident that their sensitive customer services are being provided to the correct people. As a result, Hospitality organizations must find digital solutions to help expedite the identity verification processes of their sensitive transactions. By doing this, Hospitality companies have an opportunity to modernize their processes in a way that mitigates risk of fraud, improves operational efficiency, and strengthens the customer relationship. 

How ID verification is used in the hospitality industry

Renters Agreements

Short-term vacation rental companies need to ensure that the person who is renting their property is who they say they are. As a result, the identity verification process is a crucial part of mitigating risks of fraud. Currently, many vacation rental companies are collecting and verifying identification from customers manually, which is time consuming and disrupts the customer experience.

Docusign ID Verification provides a simplified and secure solution that integrates directly into the digital signing workflow. For example, as customers sign rental agreements for vacation homes, they will be prompted to provide ID evidence automatically and their identities will be verified in real-time. This removes the inconvenience of customers scanning and emailing pictures of their IDs and alleviates the burden of manual verification from vacation rental employees. 

Refund Requests

When hospitality organizations process refund requests, it is critical that the refunds are issued to the correct customer. Particularly in organizations that tend not to maintain much verifiable customer information, fraud can put customer money and organizational reputation at risk. Identity verification on these types of requests can help mitigate these risks while meeting customer expectations around speed and flexibility.

By enabling customers to choose which authentication method is right for them, Docusign ID Verification gives customers more autonomy and control over the process. Customers can determine if they want to answer knowledge-based authentication questions, scan their government-issued IDs, or verify their bank credentials. This gives customers a flexible solution that also brings assurance to their refund service requests. 

Timeshare Title Services

Hospitality organizations that manage timeshares regularly deal with various Title services, from Issuance, Transfer, to Updates. All of these services require verification of government-issued IDs in order to execute. For many organizations, the ID verification process for these transactions can be cumbersome and inconvenient.

The ability to verify identifications remotely is a critical way to increase efficiencies for vacation clubs. Docusign ID Verification enables timeshare owners to digitally verify their identity and sign Title agreements anywhere and on any mobile device. This makes a process that is normally tedious and time consuming more streamlined and efficient. 

Why hospitality organizations are adopting ID Verification 

Docusign ID Verification, an identity proofing solution in Docusign’s portfolio of enhanced identification products, seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and offers ID document verification, knowledge-based authentication, and bank login methods. This solution helps organizations reduce risk and manage process efficiencies, while also delivering excellent service to their customers. Using Docusign ID Verification, Hospitality companies can:

  • Mitigate risk for sensitive agreements: Docusign ID Verification helps mitigate the risks of fraud by verifying the identity of individuals requesting/receiving services
  • Increase operational efficiency: With a digital workflow, Hospitality employees can spend less time manually verifying identities, allowing them to process requests with more speed and convenience
  • Enhance customer experience: With Docusign ID Verification, Hospitality organizations can service their customers through the channels they prefer, without sacrificing on security or disrupting the customer experience

How Docusign ID Verification works

Watch the video below to see how easy and streamlined ID Verification is for signers.

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