Protect Your Agreement Data With Our New Security Package

DocuSign Security Package

Organizations today face a reality where data breaches are on the rise, digital fraud grows more sophisticated by the day, employee behavior can trigger unforeseen outcomes, and the penalties for regulatory non-compliance can be staggering.

Your contracts contain an enormous amount of valuable information, including IP filings, sales contracts, and employee personal data that must be protected. Our Agreement Security Package brings together the very best technology to help assist in safeguarding your agreements and the data they contain against unauthorized access.

The Agreement Security Package helps your organization:

  • Detect and respond to risks faster: React quickly to security threats with real-time detection and actionable insights on verified threats. 
  • Secure and control access to Docusign eSignature: Ensure that only authenticated users have appropriate access to execute agreements and handle sensitive information they’re entitled to.
  • Streamline security operations from one centralized location: Efficiently authorize, manage, and monitor users and accounts—all from one centralized interface.

Accelerate deployment, drive adoption and realize value faster by taking advantage of additional Docusign services and support specifically designed to help you quickly and efficiently secure and control access to sensitive data.

What’s included in the Agreement Security Package


Provide continuous tracking of Docusign web, mobile and API activity to alert security teams of potential threats using advanced analytics. By flagging potential threats with rule-based alerts, security teams can then investigate and react quickly to a verified threat before significant damage is incurred.

How much damage can Monitor mitigate? According to IBM, organizations using threat intelligence identified breaches 28 days faster. Additionally, this same report found that reducing the likelihood of a data breach saved an organization anywhere from 400 thousand to over one million dollars in remediation efforts.

Access Management with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enforce secure access management across all your corporate applications in an efficient manner, including the level of access you grant users to eSignature, with Access Management with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Access Management with Single Sign-On (SSO) integrates with popular identity providers such as Okta, Azure, Active Directory Federation Services, and OneLogin. Additionally, this feature gives you the ability to oversee account activity details and changes made to organizational settings with audit logs.

Check out our Access Management with Single Sign-On video playlist to learn how it works on a more detailed basis.

Organization Management

Centrally manage eSignature across numerous accounts, domains and data centers around the globe. Organization management helps compare settings across all your accounts, modify settings in bulk, and efficiently add, update or close a large number of user accounts at once.

Who’s the Agreement Security Package designed for?

IT Professionals and Managers

With Access Management with Single Sign-On (SSO),  IT professionals and managers can enforce single sign-on across all of their corporate applications, including eSignature, to prevent unwarranted access to sensitive data by individuals on their network.

With Organization Management, your organization’s IT team can maximize efficiency and reduce time-intensive tasks. Monitor allows them to modify Docusign account settings in bulk and add, update or close a large number of user accounts all at once. Tasks that normally take hours are now done in mere minutes.

Cybersecurity professionals 

While Docusign meets the most stringent of security standards found in the U.S., Europe and around the globe, your agreement data is only as safe as your organization’s credential management and operational integrity.

Monitor is a critical tool for cybersecurity professionals looking for an additional layer of protection for their organization’s sensitive agreement data. By using advanced analytics and rules-based alerts, Monitor gives your cybersecurity team advanced notice when a threat is detected. Now threats can be flagged and dealt with before any damage is done to your organization’s sensitive data and, just as vital, its reputation.  

Docusign Agreement Security Package

Interested in bolstering your security? Check out the Docusign Agreement Security Package page for more detailed information and to get in contact with our sales team today.
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