New in the Docusign Community: Industry Groups

It's an exciting time for the Docusign Community, and we are thrilled to share some fantastic news. Following an incredibly successful community launch at Momentum24 in April, we’re ready to introduce the next phase of our Community’s evolution — Docusign Industry Groups.

These new groups will provide a dynamic platform for you to exchange ideas, ask questions, and make connections with fellow professionals in your field, as well as with the people behind the Docusign technology you rely on. Whether your expertise lies in legal ops, financial services, real estate, or any other industry where you use Docusign to create, commit to, and manage your agreements, there will be a welcoming space tailored just for you.

What's in store for you?

Our team has been working diligently to ensure that each Industry Group offers a seamless and enriching experience. You can look forward to dedicated discussion forums, specialized events, and custom resources designed to meet your specific needs. We encourage you to explore Industry Groups and our other Community Groups and join the ones that align with your interests and goals.

Legal Industry Group launch at CLOC Conference

We’re kicking things off with the launch of our Legal Industry Group at CLOC Conference in Las Vegas! Legal contracting and operations leaders will discover new ways to optimize their agreement processes, navigate the challenges of the “Agreement Trap,” and unlock the full potential of Docusign to modernize legal operations. As we continue to enhance our solutions and build out the Legal Industry Group, our goal is to empower legal teams to elevate their strategic impact across the entire agreement lifecycle. We're excited to work alongside our customers to transform the legal industry, one agreement at a time!

At Docusign, we believe that the power of community lies in the connections we make and the knowledge we share. Consider these Industry Groups your new playground for growth, collaboration and achieving your professional goals.

We invite you to join today.

Lindsay Rothfeld
Sr. Community Engagement Manager