Momentum24: Bringing Agreements to Life

Docusign CEO Allan Thygesen on stage at Momentum24

Outdated agreement management is costing businesses time, money, and opportunity—but help is on the way, thanks to a revolutionary agreement platform that helps businesses unlock data trapped inside agreements and enables companies to move faster, make smarter decisions and boost their bottom line.

That’s the message Docusign CEO Allan Thygesen delivered at Momentum 2024 in New York. In front of an audience of hundreds of customers, with thousands more joining virtually, Thygesen described a new software category, Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM), and announced a new end-to-end agreement management platform, Docusign IAM.

The day also included myriad sessions about the intelligent agreement management offering, how eSignature and CLM capabilities will work with the new platform when it launches, and best ways to use Docusign to elevate customer experiences. And, of course, customers gathered on the Expo floor to network and catch up.

Because Momentum is all about celebrating Docusign’s customers, we also took an opportunity to shine a spotlight on forward-thinking customers like Flowserve and Santander, who shared their stories of transformation. 

If you missed Momentum, there are three ways to participate. You can register for the digital event on April 18, watch the keynote, and read the key takeaways below:

Unveiling the future of agreements

The way businesses handle agreements is holding them back.

In the opening keynote, CEO Allan Thygesen explained how, while almost every other process inside our organizations have been digitized with CRM, HRM, ERP and other SaaS solutions, agreements remain stuck in the past. Outdated agreement systems and processes are destroying value on an epic scale—nearly $2 trillion dollars in global economic value are lost each year, according to an upcoming study by Deloitte and Docusign.

To help unlock those trillions of dollars in trapped value, Docusign is expanding its company strategy, opening up a new SaaS category — Intelligent Agreement Management — and unveiling Docusign IAM, an Intelligent Agreement Management platform and suite of applications to lead that category.

Taking a deeper dive, Docusign Chief Product Officer Dmitri Krakovsky introduced three platform services that are key parts of Docusign IAM:

  • Maestro, which lets you easily build and deploy customized workflows that automate and accelerate agreement processes without writing any code.
  • Navigator, a platform service to centrally store, manage, and analyze agreements across an organization. 
  • App Center, a new home base for apps that help you customize and extend your agreement processes, and connect to third-party systems.

Rebecca Denman, Senior Director of Product Management, also showcased applications customized to meet the needs of specific lines of business—beginning with IAM for Sales and IAM for Customer Experience.

Docusign IAM applications will be available for U.S. customers in May, with international availability later this year.

Celebrating our innovative customers

Docusign honored our innovative customers, including Adeva, Flowserve, J.P. Morgan, Meta Platforms, Red Hat, and Santander, with awards. Ken Cyiark, Vice President of Dealer Management at Santander Consumer USA, a winner of a Digital Transformation award, explained the benefits the bank has reaped from using eSignature and CLM.

Santander Consumer USA is one of the country’s leading auto lenders, providing financing solutions to more than three million consumers through over 14,000 dealerships nationwide. It’s vital that the bank delivers seamless connections to those dealerships.

Cyiark says Santander accomplished that by shifting from paper-based contracts with lots of manual handoffs to automated systems powered by Docusign. Cyiark says he’s looking forward to Docusign IAM. “I can already see the benefit in using Maestro to create workflows on the fly,” he said.

Dundi Thompson, Project Manager at Flowserve, winner of an Innovation in Action award, described her company’s successful efforts to transform its agreement processes with eSignature and CLM. Flowserve is a $4 billion manufacturing company operating in 50 countries. Thanks to Docusign, Flowserve’s legal department contract review time and costs have been constantly decreasing. “We’ve saved almost 5,000 hours in reporting via automation. And we’re doing 10% more contracts every year, and those 30% more efficiently,” Thompson said.

Thompson says she’s already dreaming up ways to use Docusign’s new products. “I'm excited about the new direction Docusign is taking, especially Navigator, as it addresses a key request from my user base. A single repository of everything Docusign! Easily accessible by everyone! This will really improve the quality of life for me and our users,” she said.

A new look and era for Docusign

Docusign President Robert Chatwani and Head of Brand Carla Weis also unveiled the new Docusign brand, while VP of Community and Customer Engagement, Tanya Faddoul, introduced the new Docusign Community, a hub of discussion forums, groups, Ideas, and FAQs where members can share stories, tips, tricks, and best practices.

Docusign also underscored the company’s commitment to social impact with the launch of, including a commitment to donate $1 million to nonprofit organizations in 2024.

Docusign Intelligent Agreement Management

Looking to transform the way you create, commit to, and manage agreements? Learn about intelligent agreement management and Docusign IAM.
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