Momentum24 Makes Me Even More Excited About Docusign

Dundi Thompson at Momentum24

This is a guest blog authored by Dundi Thompson, Project Manager, Flowserve.

My company, Flowserve, has been a Docusign customer since 2017, and I’ve attended two previous Momentum events, but this year’s event was the best one so far. Everyone was so excited—there was so much energy.

This year was also extra special for me because I was accepting an Innovation in Action award on behalf of my company, and because I was able to check off one of my bucket-list items, which was to visit New York. Most of all, after seeing Docusign IAM, I’m really excited about where Docusign is going, and how Navigator, Maestro, and App Center can help me deliver better services to my internal customers. Everybody I talked to felt the same way.

I’m a Project Manager at Flowserve, which is a $4 billion manufacturer of pumps, valves, and seals. We’re based in Irving, Texas and have 15,000 total employees. We use eNotary, eSignature and CLM, and my job involves supporting nearly 2,000 people who use Docusign CLM in sales, procurement, legal, manufacturing, and IT. Thanks to Docusign CLM, we’ve saved about 5,000 person-hours a year just in our legal department.

One thing I really like about the new IAM services is that Docusign has taken customer feedback and turned it into a product offering. And we won’t have to retrofit our existing systems or start over again. We can just add it to what we’re already doing.

I love how Docusign listens to customers and uses their feedback. Last year I met with Dmitri Krakovsky, Docusign’s Chief Product Officer, when he was brand new, and this year I met with him again, along with other Docusign executives, and it was great because now we’re seeing the products we talked about last year coming to market.

All of the new functionality matches what my end users have been asking for. And I know from talking to other Docusign customers that they’ve been wanting these capabilities too.

For example, by combining our eSignature repository with our CLM repository, we're going to have all of our signed assets in one place. From that point, we'll be able to apply Maestro, which is the quick workflow functionality, and eventually we can apply AI-powered services.

Honestly, these products are going to be quality of life improvements for us. It’s going to make things so much easier, and so much better. At Flowserve, a lot of our work involves using contracts that our suppliers and business partners provide, because we believe adamantly that our customers and vendors come first. But that has made it difficult to gather analytics from those documents. Now we’re going to be able to search through third-party paper and get the data we’re looking for.

Seeing New York for the first time was pretty great too. I studied architecture in college, and I’ve always wanted to see these buildings in Manhattan. I took a boat ride down the Hudson River and around the Statue of Liberty. The sun was going down, so there was the reflection of the sun on all these buildings. Then we came back and it was dark and we were seeing all the lights. For me it was a dream come true.

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