Docusign Community: Let’s Grow Together

Docusign Community screenshots

Docusign delivers the world’s most innovative agreement technologies. But we recognize that people need more than technology—they’re also craving connection. As more of us work remotely and online, people are seeking ways to collaborate and learn from each other.

That’s why we’re introducing the Docusign Community, a hub of discussion forums, groups, Ideas, and FAQs. Drawing on the collective strength of our more than 1.5 million customers, the Docusign Community provides a place where members can share stories, tips, tricks, best practices, and gain deeper insight into the art of delivering agreement solutions that delight their customers.

Learning from others has become the norm and we’re thrilled to be facilitating that with a location that creates opportunities for ongoing learning, where the people who buy and use our product can make the journey from beginner to expert to advocate.

We’re delivering the Docusign Community with direct input from our customers. We’ve heard from you and are fostering a space for you to connect, learn, grow, and flourish, sparking conversations and learning experiences, and creating user groups for ongoing connections.

The Docusign Community hosts discussions about our platform and capabilities as well as our integration ecosystem, helping members how best to take advantage of those capabilities together, to bring innovation and solutions to their companies and their customers.

“The Docusign Community is a place where I can help and assist other people, but it also enables me to find out how people are using the tools and improve my knowledge so that I can provide better service to the people I support,” says David Schmitz, enterprise workflow analyst at Montana State University, who is currently the top contributing member to the Docusign Community.

You’ll also find discussions for developers about APIs and SDKs, announcements about upcoming events, and a community lounge. We’ve created a FAQ page and provided a connection to Docusign University, which offers courses to help you build new skills that are valuable in career development.

At the core of our mission is fostering a vibrant community where customers can form deeper connections and collaborations. We're thrilled about the opportunities to acknowledge and reward our active participants. Our engagement framework consists of various elements such as points, badges, ranks, and a comprehensive leaderboard. As time progresses, prominent members of our community will earn numerous badges and ascend through the ranks, showcasing their dedication and contribution. You’ll also be directly shaping the future of our platform. Our roadmap will reflect the ideas and input. 

The goal of the Docusign Community is to ensure that the insights, ideas and feedback from our customers guide every aspect of Docusign’s business decisions at scale. We are dedicated to providing transparency and progress to help customers discover, adopt, and grow. You’ll hear more about the Docusign Community alongside other exciting announcements at Momentum 2024. Come join our mission to transform the way the world agrees.

It’s easy to create a Docusign Community account using your existing Docusign login credentials. For more information, check out the Get Started page.

Tanya Faddoul
VP, Community and Customer Engagement