Momentum24: A Customer Award-Winner's Perspective

Aleksandra Simeonova with Robert Chatwani at Docusign Momentum

This is a guest blog authored by Aleksandra Simeonova, Chief Financial Officer, Adeva.

I traveled from Skopje, North Macedonia to attend Momentum24 and received a Growth Driver award on behalf of my company, Adeva, a global talent network that helps forward-thinking companies hire exceptional talent fast and efficiently.

Our model is designed to help companies scale up or down rapidly, eliminating the overhead associated with traditional hiring models. By leveraging global talent, companies achieve significant cost savings while delivering mission-critical initiatives. With rigorous vetting for anyone joining the network, we ensure access to only top-level engineers, positioning ourselves to change the way modern leaders hire. We’ve been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas by the Financial Times and Deloitte. In fact, from 2019 to 2022, our annual revenues soared from $300,000 to $12.3 million—a growth of more than 3,000%—and Docusign has played a crucial role in enabling that growth.

By using eSignature we have reduced the time it takes to get a contract signed from 20-plus days to less than 48 hours. Our processes became a lot smoother, faster and free of mistakes. Using eSignature also enabled us to scale up our business without hiring more people. Using a Docusign value calculator, we estimated that the value Docusign provides to us is more than $30,000 a year.

I came to Momentum hoping to meet other Docusign customers, and to learn about Docusign’s future direction. All of the other award winners kept emphasizing the great results they’re getting from implementing Docusign. Docusign is really making their lives easier.

The people I met here are really inspiring. Everyone has a different story and different background. Some of them started from zero and now are super successful. One night I hit the town with Dundi Thompson, one of the other award winners. The night before the event, we had a customer party with executives from Docusign and the award winners. At the after parties, we shared a lot of laughs with Julian Tsisin and Cyril Mayada, who were there to accept an award on behalf of Meta.

I was struck by the future-driven messages in the keynote and other presentations. From the demonstrations of Maestro, Navigator and App Center, it seems like everything will be really intuitive and easy to use. Docusign has invested a lot in the past year, and the products being launched next month will make a big difference to businesses.

For example, with Navigator, you have all your information, one click away. I also like the summarization capability that was demonstrated, which makes it possible to summarize important information and analyze it to see potential hidden threats that the contracts can contain. I’m excited to see how we can apply this to our operation. 

In addition to attending Momentum, I’m staying in New York for two weeks to meet with clients and potential clients, as well as other industry leaders. We’re super happy that we got the customer award and were recognized for what we’re doing. Momentum also created an opportunity for us to gain exposure and awareness about who we are and what we do. A lot of people came up to me after the keynote and wanted to learn more about Adeva.

Momentum 2024 just had a great vibe, with a lot of energy. Even the city of New York brings some inspiring energy that makes you believe that if you try and you're committed to the ideas and dreams that you have, and if you're persistent and do your best, you can achieve great things.

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