Docusign App Center: Customize and Extend Your Agreement Processes

Your organization’s agreements are full of insights about relationships with customers, employees, vendors, and partners. Because of the complexity of that information, the process of creating and managing those agreements often involves pushing and pulling data using a range of different technologies.

For example, a team could use separate technologies to prepare an agreement, send it for electronic signature, extract data from the completed agreement, and securely archive it. Some agreements could take even more steps or conditional actions that require connections to even more technologies with the additional required capabilities. When all those tools don’t natively work together, teams have to use back-end developers to build manual workarounds that connect critical data sources.

As organizations expand and add new pieces to their agreement workflow, the complexity of connecting all the pieces compounds. Manual patches aren’t flexible and the systems can easily break. As a result, accurate information gets harder to find, business slows down, deadlines are missed, errors are made, and money is lost.

Introducing Docusign App Center

To solve this problem, we've launched the Docusign App Center. For the first time ever, customers are be able to seamlessly integrate a range of popular agreement tools with Docusign IAM. The App Center is the home for a new set of applications that customers can discover and install to extend their Docusign IAM capabilities. They're able to search for and discover apps, learn about new use cases, and authenticate directly in the app after installation. Apps are ready to install and can be configured self-serve to meet each customer’s unique business needs.

The App Center acts as a central hub, opening up connections to every part of the agreement process to improve efficiency. To start, customers can customize their workflows in Docusign Maestro and verify user-inputted information in real time with Data Verification in eSignature. They can also go beyond their existing toolkit to discover innovative new ways to solve agreement challenges.

Partners and developers are invited to build and publish new apps, expanding their solution’s reach and enriching its capabilities by connecting to the agreement steps that power critical business processes.

At launch, App Center will feature an initial set of commonly used apps, including:

  • HubSpot to record customer information
  • ServiceNow to create a ticket that triggers a workflow
  • Quik! to extract agreement data
  • Stripe to use agreement data to generate a payment subscription
  • Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Sharepoint, and Presidio to archive completed documents
Docusign App Center screenshot

Drive faster time to value with connected workflows

It takes the average organization 12 months to develop a custom workflow with APIs according to a study from the Quandary Consulting Group. But now, with Docusign Maestro, customers can easily build and deploy agreement workflows without writing any code. App Center empowers customers to further extend and enhance their agreement processes by connecting systems to seamlessly share data across their workflows—saving time, money, and resources. Instead of waiting months while integration projects are scoped and executed, customers can install an app with just a few clicks and configure the flow of the agreement data via self-serve.

Bringing together disparate systems across the agreement process is a simple step any team can take to drive productivity, increase cost savings, and accelerate time to value. Best of all, everything happens on the same Docusign platform you already trust to keep your agreements secure. 

Discover new solutions to agreement problems

As your organization evolves, your agreement needs will change and you will need to use new technology to keep up. Traditionally that has meant researching vendors, negotiating an agreement, and spending resources to implement new systems. Not anymore.

The App Center unlocks a library of tools that extend agreement capabilities to meet new needs. Whether you’re looking for a way to verify agreement data, extract it, or use it to set up subscription payments, App Center will have a solution. Customers can browse a constantly growing list of offerings to discover new apps to innovatively solve agreement processes.

See how it works in this quick video:

The future of agreements is here. With an intelligent agreement management platform, organizations have the ability to seamlessly add, subtract, and rearrange modular solutions to meet ever-changing needs. Docusign is making that future a reality.

Docusign App Center is a part of the Docusign IAM portfolio. Learn more about the other pieces of that toolkit on the Docusign IAM platform services page. Docusign IAM applications are now available in the US, Canada and Australia.

Yovana Becher
Sr. Product Marketing Manager