How Refinitiv Transformed Their Sales Process With the Docusign Agreement Cloud and Salesforce

By Caleb Bauers, Commercial Sales, Docusign

Agreements are an essential part of all forms of business transactions, and when it comes to sales contracts in particular, any delays or errors have a real impact on revenue. While having a robust CRM platform  increases visibility into the sales cycle, these systems are most effective when they are integrated with a system of agreement--how a company prepares, signs, acts on, and manages its agreements. This is something Refinitiv experienced first-hand as it sought to transform its sales process.

Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest financial service data and infrastructure providers, generating $6 billion a year in revenue with 60,000 customers across the globe. In 2018, as the company departed from Thomson Reuters to become an independent company, they faced a challenge. While Refinitiv’s success brought in a host of strategic acquisitions, the process for integrating these acquired companies--and their associated sales processes--into Refinitiv was disjointed.

“We were hearing from our customers—’make it easier to buy from you,’” recalled Alan Bronowicz, Head of Business Process Management & Quote to Cash Transformation at Refinitiv. They needed a streamlined solution for their customers while also giving their sales reps an easy way to create and send out quotes to new customers. Ultimately they were looking for an integrated solution to connect their agreement processes with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Enter the Docusign Agreement Cloud.

Specifically, Refinitiv introduced Docusign eSignature for Salesforce into their customer on-boarding and acquisition workflow. The results were astounding: they saw a 95% reduction in the contract turn-around time from customers, from 5 days to just 6 hours.

“With Docusign, you can generate your contract, deliver it to a customer, receive their signature, and fulfill the order in 15 minutes,” said Bronowicz. “That is lightning fast compared to what we could ever do in the past.” The Docusign Agreement Cloud also enabled Refinitiv’s sales people to close deals faster and more efficiently.

“If it’s sales close week and you're a salesperson not using Docusign, you're not really looking to make money that week,” said Eileen Kelly, Director of Business Operations for Refinitiv.  With Docusign, Refinitiv was able to streamline their system of agreement, and saving time and increasing productivity for their sales team.

“The Docusign Agreement Cloud makes it easier for our customers to do business with us,  easier for our staff to do business with our customers, and it makes it easier on the environment,” Bronowicz says. “It's a win for everybody.”

The Docusign Agreement Cloud is a suite of products that help organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements—and it’s integrated deeply with Salesforce. 

With the Docusign Agreement Cloud + Salesforce, organizations can digitally transform their sales processes by streamlining their agreements, while letting employees work and stay in Salesforce.  The impact for the business is:

  • Faster time to revenue: Agreement turnaround time reduced to minutes
  • Reduced errors: Elimination of error-prone manual tasks
  •  Increased productivity: Streamlined sales teams workflow within SalesForce
  • Delighted customers: Customers can sign documents wherever they are with a few taps or clicks

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