How Going Paperless Can Help Healthcare Providers

Within the healthcare industry, a digital transformation has been in the works for years. Now, COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of that change—leaving an industry that must equate survival with rapid adaptation. 

In Docusign’s recent webinar “Improving Margins and Security During COVID-19 and Beyond,” MIMIT Health’s Manish Goomar, Salesforce’s Luke Felkey, and Docusign’s Christina S. Wong highlight how new technology is providing healthcare professionals with the resources they need to build a more efficient, sustainable practice. 

How has COVID-19 changed healthcare? 

In short, the global pandemic has reshaped the healthcare landscape by accelerating its digital transformation. At a time when the public is opting, in vast numbers, to avoid office visits, healthcare practitioners have been compelled to roll out new experiences that safeguard their patients—while maintaining viable healthcare services. As a result, the newfound priorities for healthcare providers include: 

  • Regaining patient volume 
  • Stabilizing profit margins 
  • Training and onboarding staff for remote work

Before the pandemic, an up-to-date digital infrastructure was certainly an advantage. But now, as demonstrated by MIMIT Health, it’s the only way forward. 

Finding the right technology to prepare for an uncertain future

MIMIT Health, one of the fastest-growing multi-specialty physician groups in the country, is on a mission to “put the care back in healthcare.” As a result, their infrastructure is now driven by a patient-centered approach to medicine. 

When COVID-19 hit, MIMIT Health realized that their strong patient-client relationships and ability to provide premium, individualized care was in jeopardy. They had the right goals—but lacked the digital infrastructure required to make those goals a reality. Luckily a simple solution was within reach. 

Thanks to an existing partnership with Docusign, MIMIT Health was able to scale from eight to 80 employees in under a year, and increase their revenue by 35%. Here’s how they did it. 

An efficient document management strategy

Healthcare has always relied on documentation; providers require intake forms, consent agreements, access to records and the like. Now, as remote care becomes a necessity for providers across the globe, an eSignature solution deeply connected to your existing systems is a requirement. Docusign eSignature integrated with Salesforce and Box prepared MIMIT Health for a future in virtual and in-person health care by providing their practices with: 

  • Contactless documentation: Reduce the time constraints presented by patient intake and agreements while providing a safe and secure contactless experience for both patients and internal departments (HR, onboarding, etc). 
  • Searchable knowledge bases: Streamline data collection and record keeping with centralized content repositories that are easily accessible by all departments. 
  • Tracking: Update, track, and manage agreements by connecting signed documents into your content management software. 
  • Mobile accessibility: Allow patients to book appointments and sign in from anywhere to improve the patient experience and further streamline contactless check-ins. 

After going paperless, clients like MIMIT Health increased their revenue by 20%—plus a 50% increase in security assurance. Implementing a solution that integrates with existing software like Salesforce or Box is an easy way to address narrowing margins and prime your business for future growth. 

A flexible solution for accelerated growth 

A pandemic seems like an unlikely setting for growth. But leveraging Docusign eSignature to support a telehealth solution provided MIMIT with the framework they needed to do exactly that. 

It’s tempting to patch flaws or pain points in your organizational structure with bespoke solutions. However, juggling disparate systems only presents a band-aid-like fix that prevents long-term growth (and can quickly become costly). A holistic solution that seamlessly keeps your organization connected while remaining nimble and agile enough to address unforeseen challenges is critical. 

That’s why MIMIT Health used Docusign’s expansive technology stack to reduce operational costs and enable scalable growth in every part of the business. Starting with eSignature and PowerForms, Docusign’s full product suite is built to grow with you—which, in MIMIT Health’s case, allowed them to launch a full-scale telehealth solution in under 48 hours. 

A 360-degree view

MIMIT Health’s success relies on individualized care—which requires a comprehensive view of the patient. Salesforce’s Customer 360 Platform, integrated with Docusign, gives MIMIT Health the right tools to support their patient-centered practice by securely connecting patient data, insights and workflows at all levels of the organization. 

Luke Felkey is the head of solutions and ecosystems for Salesforce’s health and life sciences department. “Most companies are disconnected,” says Felkey, “thanks to disparate systems, siloed data and disconnected customer experiences.” As a result, Salesforce offers data as a platform—seamlessly bundling intelligent analytics, supply-chain management, security and more into one collaborative solution.

With a flexible, 360-degree view of the patient, MIMIT Health can quickly provide the personalized care that their patients rely on—for less. 

Continuous innovation 

The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing,” says Manish Goomar, MIMIT Health’s Director of Systems Solutions. Staying abreast of evolving healthcare trends and finding the right tools to support growth will help move your business forward. Docusign helped MIMIT Health distinguish themself in an evolving competitive landscape and address margins by giving them the resources to: 

  • Prepare for economic uncertainty
  • Manage and meet patient expectations
  • Reconfigure delivery models
  • Decrease the total cost of care 
  • Adapt quickly to regulatory changes 
  • Mitigate compliance and regulatory risks

For MIMIT Health, innovation resulted in 95% less time spent on patient intake forms—and 35% lower labor costs. 

How can Docusign prepare you for the future of healthcare?

Currently serving over 1,400 healthcare providers, Docusign helps some of the healthcare ecosystem’s leading players develop a technological infrastructure that supports continued growth—preparing them for any future that the healthcare industry holds. 

From telehealth and teletherapy to COVID-19 testing sites and clinical research, Docusign’s healthcare ecosystem supports automated, contactless workflows that enhance the patient experience, improve administrative efficiency and increase the accuracy and security of agreements—all of which lead to increased revenue.

Improve Margins and Security for Your Practice During COVID-19 and Beyond

If you’re interested in learning more about how Docusign’s solutions can prepare you for the digital future of healthcare, don’t hesitate to watch the full MIMIT Health webinar.