How Business Consultants are Using Electronic Signatures

The consulting landscape is changing amid growing client expectations for personalized and efficient services. And in this fierce professional environment–where just 34 percent of firms believe they’re adequately meeting customer demands–those who don’t adopt digital strategies are likely to get left in the dust of their tech-savvy competitors.

Pragmatic consultants are digitizing manual processes to free up time to better serve clients. It’s no wonder, as such technologies have been proven to save time and money while driving efficiencies and streamlining tasks. Electronic signatures are another tool consultants are finding great value in. Here are some ways in which business consultants use Docusign eSignature to improve client relationships, eliminate unnecessary expenses and meet client needs at top pace.

Consultancy agreements: Docusign offers pre-built templates for most common contracts and forms–including client proposals and statements of work (SOWs). You can also create your own templates for common forms that your organization frequently sends out for signature.This means along with boosting signing speed, you gain a built-in solution to processing and sharing documents faster—streamlining efficiency before you even hit send.

Non-disclosure agreements: eSignature can help your firm save time, save money, reduce risk and create a better experience for clients–essentially anyone to whom you might need to send an NDA. This level of convenience is becoming more and more common, to the point that people have come to expect it as a normal course of doing business.

Payments: Processing payments after an agreement has been signed can be intricate work, particularly for smaller consulting firms spending precious time chasing down outstanding invoices instead of with clients. That time and effort can be eliminated by combining the payment process with electronic signature, making it possible to get paid as soon as an agreement is signed.

Seamless end-to-end processes: Impress clients and colleagues by easily embedding Docusign into your existing tools and workflows with over 400 pre-built integrations with the most common business applications including Intuit, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, Workday and more.

After investigating a range of e-signature providers, the Kearney Group ultimately selected Docusign eSignature due to the company’s impressive security résumé, the technology’s user-friendly interface and the product’s seamless API integration. With API integration complete, the first signatures started rolling in through the portal, along with overwhelmingly positive client feedback.

Integrating Docusign into MyKearney Online has been a game changer for the Kearney Group. It enabled us to provide our clients a better service experience and end product, sped up our internal processes and freed us from a mountain of paper.
Paul Kearney
Chief Executive Officer
Kearney Group

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