Microsoft Build 2019 - Know Before You Go

The Docusign Developer Evangelism team is gearing up for an incredible week at this year’s Microsoft Build conference in Seattle from May 6-8. We’re ecstatic to share just how easy it is for .NET developers to integrate apps with the Docusign Agreement Cloud.

Microsoft and Docusign - Better Together

Microsoft uses the Docusign eSignature API themselves in 300+ global use cases. We would love to share some of these with you in person this coming week. You can peruse a sample yourself by checking out our LoanCo sample app, which is also available for download in C#. We would also encourage you to check out our C# SDK on GitHub. We also have pre-built solutions for Microsoft apps, including for Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Flow, and Windows, which are geared toward enhanced productivity, saving time and money, and of course, delighting your customers.

C# Code Example Launcher

In our booth, expect to get a demo of a shiny, new tool that will expedite your Docusign development in C#. The Code Example Launchers are applications that contain the most common, fully functional API workflows with links to the corresponding source code. At Build, we’ll be showing attendees how they can utilize the C# Launcher to get started building out their custom workflow. Each launcher includes software for authenticating with Docusign via either the Authorization Code Grant flow or the JWT Grant flow.

Raffle, Raffle, Raffle, and Raffle!

In the Docusign booth, we’ll be raffling off two incredible prizes this week. On Monday, we will be giving away an Apple Watch Series 4. On Tuesday, we will gift a brand new, Nintendo Switch to one lucky winner. To be eligible to win, you must stop by Booth 212 to enter!

On Wednesday, we’re participating in two partnered raffles for a 3D Printer and Xbox One X! Collect buttons and hex stickers from participating companies. Once you’ve collected them all, chat with a representative from any participating company to enter each respective raffle competition!

Swag Galore

And, oh yes, there will be swag. Complete a series of mini-challenges in the Docusign booth to receive rare collectibles, prizes, and tech. Come stop by Booth 212 and ask us how you can win BIG this year!

#CodeParty and Live Events

Can’t make it to Build this year? No problem! Engage with us elsewhere and via Twitch!

On Sunday night, Progress is hosting a #CodeParty and reception at the Tap House from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Expect to chat with developers and share some pre-Build buzz. Check out more information and register here.

On Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 - 5:00 PM, Matthew King from our developer content team will be joining a team of devs to help to build out an application live using various technologies from Mobilize, Twilio, Docusign, and Progress. Come watch how to easily integrate with the Docusign API. View the virtual event here.

For Everything Else

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