How to Get the Most out of a Docusign Free Trial

So you’ve signed up for a Docusign 30-day free trial, and you may not know where to start? The core features of Docusign eSignature are available for you to use for the duration of your trial. You can generate, send, sign and store unlimited agreements using Docusign.

Read on to get a better understanding of what features are available, how they work and how upgrading your plan can unlock even more powerful tools to help improve your agreement process.

Docusign 30-Day Free Trial features

The Docusign free trial gives you access to some of our most essential features. For the 30 day trial period, you can:

Send more agreements for signature 

It’s always free for users to sign and return agreements sent through Docusign eSignature. With a 30-day free trial, you can also send agreements to other parties for signature that you’ve created or uploaded.

Generate documents using Docusign templates 

While you can upload just about any type of document to Docusign, you can also use a free trial to generate agreements within Docusign using templates. Docusign has prebuilt templates for multiple scenarios, such as general agreements, human resources documents, real estate transactions, financial services agreements, and more.

Offer a streamlined signing process

Signing with Docusign is faster and easier than signing a paper document with a pen. In fact, with Docusign eSignature, 80% of agreements are started and completed within a day, and 44% of agreements go from generation to signature within 15 minutes. Agreements are emailed to recipients and signed copies are automatically sent to all parties once the signing process is complete.

Provide a real-time audit trail

Electronic signatures collected through Docusign are protected by advanced security features. Each agreement has a tamper-evident audit trail that provides a record of who signed and when. This audit trail is legally admissible in court and can often make proving an agreement was signed easier than with a traditional “wet ink” signature.  

Advanced Docusign features 

Want to discover how you can do more with Docusign eSignature? Our 30-day free trial also allows you to experiment with:

Custom branding

When a recipient receives an agreement via email or opens a web form from your organization, seeing your organization’s branding will be a signal to them that the email or web page is authentic. Customize emails and web pages with your brand’s colors and logos to provide a better customer experience. 

Reusable templates

Docusign has an extensive library of templates that are ready to use immediately. Upgrading your account will allow you to create your own custom templates and use them later or share them with other users. 

Collaboration tools

When an agreement needs to be negotiated, the best way to do that is directly within the document itself. DoucSign’s commenting feature allows the sender and the recipient to exchange comments back and forth within the document, keeping sensitive negotiations in a central location. 


Docusign offers over 400 integrations to other common business applications such as Google, Microsoft, SAP, Workday, and Salesforce. These let you pull in customer information to auto-populate agreements, sign agreements without leaving your preferred collaboration tools, and take advantage of many other workflow automations

Signer authentication

For agreements that require an extra layer of security to verify the signer’s identity, senders can enable email authentication. More advanced authentication options are also available, including SMS verification, knowledge-based authentication, and ID verification.

These eSignature features available to explore in the Docusign free trial are just the beginning of what is available to Docusign users.

To get started, log into your Docusign account or sign up for a 30 day free trial.

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