Digital Transformation in Government: Docusign for Federal Agencies

As federal agencies continue to identify ways to accelerate mission delivery, they’re increasingly looking at ways to reduce their paper-based processes. However, reducing paper is only one part of the equation. Choosing the right solution is just as crucial to success.

That’s why Docusign is proud to be the only eSignature and digital transaction management solution listed in the FedRAMP marketplace. Docusign delivers a fast, easy, secure way to make every agreement digital, allowing agencies to accelerate mission delivery and improve the experience for citizens, businesses and other agencies.

With Docusign, agencies can capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation with the ability to get up and running quickly with Docusign’s intuitive, easy to use interface - or with custom workflows using our industry-leading API. With a segregated environment for federal customers and the option to authenticate with agency-issued PIV cards, Docusign meets unique government needs.

Want to learn more about how Docusign can help you harness the power of digital? Our General Counsel, Reggie Davis, has helped create a complimentary flipbook outlining everything agencies need to know about Docusign.

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