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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the Docusign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of May 2021. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: I do not receive a prompt for payment when clicking “Finish” after signing. What are the requirements for creating a payment tab with the Rest API?

Summary: The developer is trying to use the Docusign payment feature from their integration such that after an envelope is signed, the recipient can also submit a payment using Docusign. They were not able to get the payment functionality.

Answer: In order for developers tTo use Docusign payments, developers they must first configure a payment gateway with one of Docusign payment partners. Then they have to add additional information to the envelope. The code must include FormulaTab, PaymentDetails, and PaymentLineItem objects. The PaymentLineItem object has a property called AmountReference, which is used to point to the FormulaTab element that stores the payment amount. The linkage between these two objects is done by using the TabLabel property on the FormulaTab such that it is identical to the value of the AmountReference property on the PaymentLineItem object. See a complete code example in eight languages showcasing this on the developer center.

Thread: Docusign API - Force a Drawn Signature

Summary: The developer is interested in changing the eSignature process for their users such that when they are asked to sign an envelope, they are required to draw their signature for each SignHereTab element, not just click or select it.

Answer: Docusign has a feature that requires recipients to draw their signature in each signing element (tab) and this feature is enabled for all developers accounts. All you have to do in your code is add the signInEachLocation property on the signer object in your code. and that signer will now have to draw their signature for each tab of the envelope. You can read the Common API Tasks blog post for more information about how to use this feature from the Docusign eSignature REST API.

Thread: Failed to add reference to 'Docusign.eSign'. Please make sure that the file is accessible, and that it is a valid assembly or COM component

Summary: The developer is getting a strange error using the latest version of the Docusign C# eSignature SDK (5.4.0) that seems to only occur on some versions of .NET Framework.

Answer: Our engineers discovered that version 5.4.0 had an unexplained error that probably happened during the publishing process of a new NuGet package. Version 5.4.1 was published to fix this issue as it was not possible to do an in-place update. Please do not use version 5.4.0, which has this issue.

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