Customize your Docusign Experience with an Enhanced Plan

As a small business, you’re likely always pressed for time. And you usually want to spend it focusing on your customers, not on complicated systems that don’t fit your way of working. Ideally, you have solutions you can customize to do what you need, not the other way around. 

Your contracts, agreements, payroll, documents and tax forms all need a signature process, need to be legally binding to ensure your business is compliant and include built-in integrations that save you steps. Every minute matters. 

For small businesses that want an upgraded electronic signature experience, Docusign Enhanced Plans are designed to give you just that – smart account customization, along with strong compliance and comprehensive support.

Build on the power of Docusign eSignature with a single, advanced plan 

To streamline document management, Docusign Enhanced Plans are one of the best tools to have in your corner. Enhanced Plans enable you to place five or more users on the same account. More easily manage your compliance requirements, your integration with existing business tools, your payment systems, your customer engagement tools, and more.  

  • Add more envelopes and document containers to your agreement business. Use containers to hold multiple documents that require signing, ensuring that access is only given to specific users, signers, or recipients. With multiple envelopes, you can customize your document delivery to fit specific user or client situations and simplify the signing process.
  • Gain more control over your documents. Know where your legal documents sit and their current status so you’re always ahead of the game, and always compliant. 
  • Easily integrate your electronic signature solution. Docusign Enhanced Plans let you easily integrate Docusign eSignature with other leading market solutions you use every day, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Intuit.

Enhanced Plans help you embed digital efficiency and compliance into your business. Take the paper—and much of the work—out of paperwork.

Docusign Enhanced Plans: Customization made swift and simple

Below are the top customizations our Docusign Enhanced Plans customers use every day, to help them deliver exceptional customer experiences: 

1. SMS Delivery

There is one word that defines business in the digital age: fast. Your customers want better service, faster. You need better solutions, at speed. Add value to your Docusign eSignature solution with eSignature SMS delivery that helps you to move faster and deliver agreements through texts. 

This solution includes a responsive signing feature that adapts document display to suit the device that your customer is using. This streamlines visibility and makes life a lot easier for your business. Plus, SMS has become one of the best ways to make signer notifications immediately visible, which makes this a trusted route to signing. 

2. Intelligent integration

You chose your existing business software solutions for a reason – you love what they do.

With Docusign Enhanced Plans, you can quickly integrate eSignature and more into their capabilities - without changing your current workflow.  

Docusign Enhanced Plans easily integrates eSignature with several key CRM and productivity toolsets. Use it across Microsoft’s set of solutions such as Outlook, Word, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Windows. Use it with Salesforce, and with the Google suite of products. The platform also works well with: Oracle cloud, multiple SAP solutions, Apple and iOS, Smart Communications, Workday, Intuit and Slack.  

3. Faster payments

It’s tough chasing payments. The last thing you want to do on a Friday afternoon is hover over your accounts, sending endless reminder emails. Rather, use a simple solution that makes your life easier. With Docusign Payments, you can collect deposit and milestone fees at agreement signing. 

Designed for fast setup and even faster payments, the solution is PCI-compliant, flexible and automated. You can customize everything from templates to payment terms, and you can save each client’s personalized payment process so you don’t need to repeat these steps every month. 

4. Customizable consent

Today, you can’t get away from including Cookie Acceptance, Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy on your website. Privacy regulations demand it. But you can make their development and implementation less time-consuming. Docusign Click is a clickwrap solution that captures visitor consent with a single click of a button.

Whether your site users are on a mobile device or laptop, they can click and go. Consent is as simple as that.

Take the next step with a Docusign Enhanced Plan

Docusign Enhanced Plans are designed to make your small business life easier. The upgraded plan also gives you Expanded Account Usage and access to a customized support system. This means you get a dedicated Account Team who’s on point to help you make changes, customize your systems, and integrate your solutions. 

This enhanced support feature also gives you access to a 24/7 premier support phone line, chat with faster response windows, and superb Technical Support. Your dedicated Account Team provides you with Docusign Enhanced Plans adoption guidance and customization support whenever you need it.

Ready to refine how you sign? Contact sales now to upgrade, and mention Docusign Enhanced Plans.