Celebrating Small Business Week: 5 Days + 5 Customer Stories

Lean operations and a delightful customer experiences are at the center of every successful small business. With limited time and resources, Docusign customers adopt our e-signature solutions to improve the speed of doing business, build trust with customers, and improve operational efficiency.

To celebrate National Small Business Week, we’ll be sharing one customer story each day next week. These stories will highlight just a few of our customers and how they are using Docusign to build and run a successful business they are proud of. Stay tuned for a look inside how these businesses have thrived in the digital age with Docusign -- and how yours can too. 

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GarageHop provides a technology platform to connect owners of empty parking spaces with customers in need of a long-term parking spot. 

Docusign provides a tool for owners and customers to come to sign a lease agreement.  As an early-stage startup, GarageHop has improved customer acquisition and retention by working with Docusign’s trusted brand.

Top Use Case: Property lease agreements

“At GarageHop we strive to deliver efficient parking management for apartment buildings. As a startup we must build trust to convince customers to try something new. To us Docusign is more than just the best way to handle legal agreements, Docusign is our partner in building trust with our customers.”   

CEO and Founder, Helene Costa

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Kasa Solutions is a practice management software that enables mental health professionals manage their private practice by providing credential, billing, and design services. One of Kasa Solution’s core beliefs is that mental health professional should be focused on serving their clients, so they are focused on creating an onboarding experience that eliminates the time-intensive administrative paper processes.

By incorporating Docusign into the customer onboarding process, Kasa reduced its new customer onboarding time by over 50%.  Instead of printing, signing, and faxing paper agreements, patients and therapists can simply e-sign.  Kasa boasts a five star rating on Capterra, partly due to the customer centric enabled by Docusign.

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Collective Retreats enables travelers to explore and stay in nature without sacrificing any luxuries.  With teams, customers, and partners who are often working in remote locations with spotty internet access, Collective Retreat needed a technology platform that enabled the completion of business contracts regardless of location.

Docusign serves as on-the-go solution that helps Collective Retreats seamlessly complete agreements with customers and partners in a matter of hours, driving not only operational efficiency but also a superior customer experience even in remote locations.

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Chanje is an OEM delivering electric vehicles and turnkey energy infrastructure services for the last mile industry, and creates sustainable solutions that improve how companies move people and packages from transportation hubs to their final destinations. Serving people all across the globe, Chanje’s customers often span multiple countries…

People are at the core of Chanje’s business, and Docusign improved the speed and cost of getting new hire paperwork signed by 80%.  Since Chanje works with customers both domestic and abroad, paperwork that once took days or weeks to complete now takes minutes or hours.  Winter was able to get signatures from 6 different people, in 3 different countries, in a span of 24-hours!

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Finish Line Features produces award-winning documentary films, including Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, Running for Jim,and Bias. To collaborate with partners and market the film, Robin Hauser, Direct / Producer of Finish Line Features spends a lot of time on the road and is often given short turnaround times to execute on agreements in the midst of many other tasks.

Docusigns mobile app enables Robin to sign investor agreements 75% faster -- reducing turnaround time, improving productivity, and solving business needs on-the-go.

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