Build Back Better: Modernizing Your Small Business

Building back better has become a common topic in the wake of shelter-in-place orders and market downturn. Why should companies return to business as usual if your “usual” needs some improvements? 

It’s a lofty goal, especially for small businesses, who’ve been hit especially hard by the crisis. But if you’re a small business leader, it’s also a wise long-term strategy — in addition to taking advantage of programs and resources to keep your company afloat now, it’s also important to reassess and make changes that will help you flourish beyond the pandemic. Companies everywhere are considering not only ways to improve their products and services, but also ways to build inclusive cultures and serve as allies for communities of color. Building back better also involves taking a bird’s eye view of your company to find any shortfalls, and one place small businesses often struggle is with technology. Keeping up with technology can be daunting, especially for small businesses who are almost always strapped for time, cash, and resources, yet it’s crucial for them to add the right tools in order for them to remain competitive. Here’s why:

Safety first – for customers and employees

How are you protecting your customers and employees? Unless you run a security company, you probably haven’t given a ton of thought to that question. But pandemics have a way of changing all the norms. Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind now — online safety, yes, but also personal safety in the age of elbow bumps and social distancing. 

What you need: Technology that promotes contactless work. This not only adds efficiency, but also offers your community some much-needed peace of mind. 

Remote work is now always in play

Remote work has become a new standard, with companies like Twitter, Slack, Square, Shopify, Box, and more even announcing that their employees are welcome to work from home permanently. Most businesses were unprepared when the stay-at-home orders came in March — they didn’t have the right systems in place. But that can’t be an excuse moving forward. Small businesses must take the time now to put in place systems that help keep teams in touch, on time, and running well. 

What you need: Technology that facilitates remote work and business continuity. 

Convenience is still king

Many businesses have been forced to shift to online-only service, which means consumers have had to adjust. People who once considered themselves tech neophytes are now experts on apps like Zoom, Venmo, and Instacart. And now that they’ve realized these added conveniences, they’re no longer willing to navigate confusing web processes or wait for customer service. They’ll seek out brands that offer ultra-convenient or self-service experiences that help them speed up transactions and simplify their lives. After all, if your business isn’t convenient, today’s consumers will find a competitor that is.

What you need: Technology that adds convenience for your customers, partners, and employees.  

Simple technology updates to modernize your business

Thankfully there are plenty of easy-to-use apps and technology tools that equalize the playing field, letting small businesses build back better and offer the same convenience as their larger competitors. A few simple technology updates — like using Docusign eSignature in place of pen-and-paper agreements — can move work forward, ensure business continuity, and offer extra safety measures for customers and employees. 

Ready to make some changes? Check out this ebook with five simple updates to help you modernize your small business.