Are you personalizing your customers’ agreement experience?

Many organizations are already accelerating the process of signing contracts and other customer agreements by using electronic signature technology—and it’s a huge time saver. Unfortunately, the process of preparing those agreements for signature is still a significant source of wasted time, needless cost, and increased risk.

A recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Docusign found that 90% of agreements are still prepared manually, even when organizations may already have some or all of the information required for the agreement in their existing records. Asking customers for information they have previously provided wastes time, and creates a frustrating and impersonal experience.

Docusign Guided Forms powered by Intelledox

Now there’s a better way to automate agreement preparation. Docusign Guided Forms powered by Intelledox helps organizations simplify a signer’s experience by personalizing and digitizing the way information is collected, and then connecting data with core systems to maximize efficiency, turnaround time and accuracy. From new account openings through customer service applications, organizations can deliver a fast, fully digital and mobile-friendly customer experience.

Docusign Guided Forms is part of our recently announced Docusign Agreement Cloud which includes more than a dozen applications and more than 350 integrations to help organizations automate and connect the entire agreement process, from preparing to signing, acting on, and managing agreements.

Personalize the customer experience

Using Guided Forms, companies can pull data from systems of record to pre-fill digital interviews, using pre-built connectors with CRM or other core data sources, and dynamically deliver the right questions, personalized to the customer. (No more disconnected static paper or web forms.) You can then supplement the data you know already with answers to real-time questions and comments that occur online or via mobile (such as in a chat interface) and capture those interactions as part of the agreement’s completion record.

Using that information, you can trigger the production of personalized agreements, notices or other communications in real time on demand, via any output channel. With automated workflows, you can route these communications to the right people for approval and Docusign eSignature, then trigger post-agreement actions, like billing, account activation and payments. All of this is done quickly and easily, eliminating manual steps, paper and inefficient processes.

Intelledox has been working with Docusign for more than three years as a global partner and our joint clients are seeing the value across diverse industries. Many of these clients are focusing on streamlining new account opening, onboarding and service applications with an eye on delivering a truly differentiated customer (or citizen) experience across digital and traditional channels, like via agents and call centers. One of the largest global technology services companies has implemented Guided Forms to automate its sales contracts. The company estimates it will save an incredible $15 million over three years by implementing Guided Forms.

See Guided Forms in action at Docusign Momentum

We are pleased to welcome Intelledox as a system of agreement level sponsor at Docusign Momentum, our annual customer conference June 11-13 in San Francisco. Join us to hear from customers, product experts, and partners about the benefits of connecting and automating your agreement processes.  If you’re planning to attend, let’s set up a time to meet face to face.

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