Docusign 2024 Release 1: Introducing Intelligent Agreement Management

Today at Docusign Momentum24 NYC, we announced the launch of Docusign IAM (Intelligent Agreement Management), a portfolio of applications that transform how you can create, commit to, and manage your agreements.

Docusign IAM empowers you to finally treat agreements as the business-critical components they are and understand what’s in your agreements by unlocking data to accelerate growth, reduce risk, and uncover opportunities.

In the upcoming months, you will see exciting branding and in-product enhancements as capabilities, such as eSignature, evolve into IAM.

Read below to learn about newly announced platform services and capabilities of Docusign IAM and more updates for Docusign 2024 Release 1.

Streamline end-to-end agreement workflows

Managing complex agreement processes can be a real headache. From data collection to identity verification and signature, these processes stretch across systems, applications, and departments.

Today we’re introducing tools that help data flow smoothly between applications to eliminate errors and speed up processes, verify signer data, and improve collaboration. 

Docusign Maestro

With Docusign Maestro, you can easily build and deploy customised workflows that automate and accelerate your agreement processes without writing any code. It’s a powerful way to extend workflow capabilities across your tech stack. Whether it’s processing new account openings, making changes to existing accounts, or managing NDA requests, Maestro helps you provide users with a hassle-free experience to close transactions faster. Available starting in May.

Docusign Maestro screenshot

Docusign App Centre

With Docusign App Centre, you can discover and install apps that help you customise and extend your agreement processes to the tools of your trade. Discover and install apps via App Centre to make every part of your agreement process more connected, like automating agreement workflows in Maestro.

App Center screenshot

Go beyond your tech stack and explore new ways to innovatively solve agreement workflow challenges from a range of partner apps. Available starting in May.

Google Docs Integration for Docusign CLM

Improve collaboration and contract visibility by meeting stakeholders in the apps they already use. You’ll now be able to edit agreements directly in Google Docs and save changes directly to Docusign CLM. Comments and track changes are also captured in both systems to help streamline the agreement review process for all involved. Available starting in May.

Google Docs for CLM screenshot

CLM Comment Syncing

Enhance your agreement review experience by boosting comment visibility in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and CLM. Access crucial data across all platforms, ensuring you have the information you need wherever you're reviewing agreements. Available June. 

Store, manage, and analyse agreements with help from AI

Agreements are the driving force behind your organisation. Lack of visibility into these agreements—and their content—can cause costly operational inefficiencies, slow down the pace of business, and limit the value of your strategic relationships.

Docusign Navigator

Docusign Navigator is a platform service that enables you to centrally store, manage, and analyse agreements across your organisation—driving efficiencies, uncovering opportunities to lower costs, and reducing risk.

Sellers no longer waste time searching for agreements, lack confidence in knowing which is the latest with a particular client, or risk missing key milestones like renewals. With Navigator, AI lets you standardise agreement data and unlock insights about your agreements—helping you better understand your partners and make data-driven decisions to support your organisation.

Docusign Navigator screenshot

Work smarter and faster with AI

Teams today are managing greater workloads with fewer resources, so it's crucial to have tools that enable you to work smarter and faster. Unlocking the power of AI in the contract lifecycle helps you make the most of your time. This release allows you to instantly generate agreement summaries with AI, and incorporate contract and sales agreement information into Microsoft's AI assistant for sellers, Copilot for Sales.

Agreement Summarisation for Reviewers

We’re excited to announce that AI-powered Agreement Summarisation functionality is now available in Docusign CLM. The technology can analyse large amounts of text and generate a concise summary that will be included in the document preview for any user in the agreement process. Individual reviewers will be able to use that summary to accelerate agreement comprehension and then act more efficiently. 

Agreement Summarisation helps teams leverage AI to work smarter and faster, accelerating review, negotiation, and approvals to help close business faster.

Microsoft Copilot for Sales Integration

Docusign is one of the first integrations with Microsoft Copilot for Sales. Sellers using Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce Sales Cloud now have the power to instantly improve emails or meetings with vital details from their agreement library using Copilot for Sales.

Microsoft Copilot integration screenshot

No more switching between multiple tools or multiple screens. No more long pauses to look up account information. Copilot for Sales will intelligently surface details about Docusign agreements related to the relevant CRM record within the sidebar to provide instant access to relevant agreement information and more.

Check out the full Docusign 2024 Release 1

Want to learn more? Visit our Docusign Release 1 page to access additional information on these latest enhancements.

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