Docusign Maestro: Automate, Customise, Connect

Your Agreement Workflows Simplified

How many steps does it take to create, negotiate, sign, enact, analyse, and renew agreements at your organisation? A disjointed workflow imposes costs on your organisation that you might not even realise. It creates delays at every step, which slows down revenue. It wastes money on manual work that could be automated. It reduces customer trust. It causes potential customers to abandon deals. 

On top of everything, that traditional patchwork process of managing agreements is a headache. Every step has a built-in bottleneck where the agreement grinds to a halt as someone manually transfers a document from one tool to another. As the steps get more complex—including data integration, ticket creation, data extraction, identity verifications, etc.—the difficulty compounds, which means more problems.

The truth is that very few of the pieces in most organisations’ agreement workflow are made specifically to handle agreements. That build-it-yourself toolkit can produce successful agreements, but it has too many potential failure points. At scale, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have inefficiencies, delays, and errors.

Docusign Maestro solves this problem with staggering simplicity. It lets any team create custom workflows to connect all the pieces of their agreement stack without writing a single line of code. Maestro is a critical part of the Docusign IAM engine, boosting productivity and speed with workflows that automate any process, exactly how you want it. For any type of agreement, Maestro reduces sticking points like manual data entry, so end users can complete transactions faster and easier.

Here’s how it works: teams can use Docusign App Center to find applications they need to extend their workflow capabilities and manage their agreement from end to end. With those tools in place, they can use Maestro to map out the steps in their agreement process, detailing which tools need to be used, the correct order of steps, which criteria need to be met to complete each step, and what logic can be applied to adjust the flow depending on specific inputs or events. Maestro can be used to kick off the agreement process, then automate the handoffs as work is completed and data moves from system to system.

Make your workflows work for you, without the code

However your team works, Maestro gives you the flexibility to map that process in a modular digital workflow. You can build custom workflows or leverage our library of workflow templates to get started. Here are some of the ways that evolution will improve your team’s agreements:

  • Standardise agreement processes and automate common workflows Create a uniform end-to-end experience and guarantee all agreements go through the same steps. With a formalised process in place, teams can look for opportunities to increase efficiency and implement automation to replace time-consuming work. The result is faster business outcomes and a library of standardised agreements that are easy for your team to manage.
  • Customise workflows to meet your unique business needs As your team evolves and your agreement needs grow, you can adjust your workflows to solve new problems. Maestro makes it simple to create conditional variations of existing processes or build entirely new workflows just as easily.
  • Improve end-to-end agreement visibility With a well-defined process, your team has clear visibility into the status of any agreement, including which actions have already been taken, who is currently working on it, and what needs to happen next. That information can be analysed to improve efficiency over time, simplify compliance, and improve agreement security.
  • Get up and running faster without requiring engineering work Maestro’s codeless workflow builder allows anyone in the organisation to connect Docusign to other business apps without opening an engineering ticket or undergoing time-consuming implementation. That means faster, cheaper workflow orchestration and fewer delays as you scale.
  • Improve customer loyalty Potential customers will be more likely to complete initial documentation when the process is streamlined. Existing customers will appreciate the ease of their interactions, which positively impacts their satisfaction and loyalty.

Extend workflow capabilities across your tech stack

Docusign IAM runs on a suite of services designed to make agreement tools more interoperable. When steps involve information stored in other key business systems, Maestro becomes even more valuable. It can be set up to automatically handle some of the high-frequency agreement tasks.

A feature that will be available in Maestro is the ability to connect to third-party systems to share data across the agreement workflow. For example, if you use Salesforce as your system of record, you can use an out-of-the-box integration by installing the Salesforce app (available later this year) from the App Center. With that integrated workflow, you'll be able to automatically update that customer record with new data captured in a signed agreement.

That’s just one example of what you can do with Docusign IAM. Similar efficiencies can be built into your agreement workflow with IDV, Web Forms, eSignature, and a range of partner apps.

The result of these integrations is a unified source of agreement data and end-to-end processes that are faster, more secure, and less prone to error. Maestro is an instant upgrade to your organisation’s agreement workflow. It’s a powerful shortcut that lets you avoid the pain and friction of your manual processes and skip straight to closing new business.

Maestro is a core platform service powering the Docusign IAM portfolio. Learn more about the other pieces of that toolkit at the Docusign IAM platform services page. Docusign IAM applications will be available for U.S. customers in late May.

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